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Grieving Musician Questions Life With God

After the sudden death of a close friend, Michael turned his back on God and turned to drugs and...

Pastor Remembers His Drug Dealing Days

Juan’s ambition drove him into success as a drug dealer, but landed him in prison where he had the...

Angry Boxer Tired Of Fighting God

An anger-filled boxer almost lost his life, but his parents never stopped praying for him.

Convict Changes Life On The Run…Inside Prison Walls

Bill was relieved when the FBI finally arrested him because he could finally get his life right. But prison...

NYC Cop Demands Answers From God

Andrew became a cop as an outlet for his aggression and anger. When he couldn't take it anymore, he...

Accident Victim's Request Leads Sherriff to Question Beliefs

Richard was mortified when he arrived to the scene of a car crash and the dying driver asked him...

Wayward Musician Changes His Tune

Like his father before him, Jason battled alcoholism. He lost his record deal, his home and the remnants of...

David Boudia: God Made Me Free

Olympic Gold Medalist in diving, David Boudia knew there had to be more than fame and riches. He shares...

Turkey Crisis Intensifies

Former Muslim turned evangelist to the Muslim world, Isik Abla discusses the Crisis in Turkey with Gordon Robertson.

He Chose Revenge, She Chose Forgiveness

Kidnapped by a hardened criminal, one woman makes a daring escape and then sets her mind on payback.

Love Sets Prison Captive Free

David Vincent’s life of crime began when he stole and shoplifted as a child. He soon got into drugs...

Perfectionist Finds Peace with Christian Faith

Emily longed for approval and acceptance and as a college student she dabbled in false religions.

Thrill Seeker Tries God In Search of Next High

Nate desperately longed for a family, but after his parents divorced he tried to fill the void with thrill-seeking,...

Hiding Depression Behind A Smile

Al Bettis struggled with his mother's drug addiction, and then with losing his grandparents. He numbed the pain with...

The 700 Club - May 31, 2016

Lisa Kratz Thomas shares about her journey through addiction, prostitution, incarceration and ultimately, salvation. Plus, when George loses his...

Light in Our Darkness

Lisa Kratz Thomas shares about her journey through addiction, prostitution, incarceration and ultimately, salvation.

Hiding From Hurt in a Strip Club

Verna loved the power, prestige, and money that came with being a stripper and a drug dealer. Having silenced...

Justin Bieber Declares Faith with Face Tattoo

Justin Bieber Declares Faith with Face Tattoo