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Dodging Speeding Traffic For Water

A dangerous highway separated the Cholou’s school from its water supply—a public well. The 8th grade student ran in...

Chlorine Technology Combats New Danger in Nepal

Life has become extremely difficult for many survivors of Nepal's earthquake. After losing everything, the displaced victims now face...


Liberia’s churches are working with CBN’s Operation Blessing to distribute sanitation equipment to stop the spread of Ebola. They’re...


Christians and Yazidis are among the tens of thousands of refugees without water and sanitation in Iraq, but in...

'We Must Support Them': Iraq Refugees Get Food, Meds

'We Must Support Them': Iraq Refugees Get Food, Meds

An Education or Eat: One Boy’s Tough Choice

John used to skip school so he could pick up balls at the local practice range. He skipped school,...

World Water Day Highlights Need for Clean Water

World Water Day Highlights Need for Clean Water

This Week at CBN: Providing Basic Sanitation in Laos Villages

Gordon Robertson showcases the award-winning efforts of CBN Laos to bring clean water and basic sanitation to remote villages...

CBN Global Update: June 11, 2012

Thirsty villagers from Ghana relied solely on contaminated water until you gave them an endless supply of clean water.

Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer?

Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer?

Bring It On: Holiday Hiring

Do companies hire in December? How can I stop being selfish? Are sanitizing gels effective?

New Christian Film Brings Light to Racism, Hate

Producers hope the new Christian film "The Grace Card" will help bring light to racial problems that still exist...

The Guide to a Speedy Recovery

You can bounce back from surgery or any hospital stay with the right information. The 700 Club and Dr....

Zambia's 'Lazarus' Effect

Each year in sub Saharan Africa 2 million people die of AIDS-related diseases. In Zambia, one of the continent's...

Germs Are Stronger Than We Thought

Not that you needed any reminding, but cold and flu season is here! That's bad enough. But it gets worse.

Bring It On: Hand Sanitizers

Is coffee good before a workout? Can dizziness ever be something benign? Can jumping rope be enough exercise? Can...

The Making and Molding of Jars of Clay

The band performs their new single "Two Hands" and talks about their music and ministry.

Drug Traffickers Prey on Poor, US Charitable Efforts

Every year, the U.S. sends billions of dollars in food aid around the globe. Those acts of charity...

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