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Saving Babies Every Day

Sarah Bowling shares about "Saving Moses," an organization that is passionate about saving the most helpless and vulnerable population: babies.

700 Club Interactive - November 15, 2016

"Saving Moses" founder Sarah Bowling visits to discuss saving babies from countries with the world's highest mortality rates.

Saving Children without a Hope

Sarah Bowling discusses her global organization "Saving Moses", which seeks to save babies in nations with the highest infant...

'The Memory Man' Inspires Bible Memorization

'The Memory Man' Inspires Bible Memorization

Jesus and Surfing? Finding God in the Waves

Jesus and Surfing? Finding God in the Waves

Diplomat: US Like a Weaponless Sheriff in the Mideast 'Wild West'

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Jerusalem Wednesday and talked about the...

Debt Free and Prospering Because of One Biblical Principle

Jean has been out of debt since 1985, and gives credit to the Lord and His wisdom in her...

The 700 Club - January 29, 2016

Pete and Sarah got behind on their house payments and relied on others to survive. After a defining moment...

End Your Arguments About Money

Pete and Sarah got behind on their house payments, struggled to pay bills, and argued a lot about money....

Palin Endorses Trump: 'He's Going Rogue Left and Right'

Thirteen days before the Iowa caucuses Sarah Palin is shaking up the Republican race by endorsing Donald Trump.  

One Couple’s Heartbreak Becomes Test of Faith

Steve and Lana’s dream to have a baby is squelched by the couple's medical issues, including Acute Aplastic Anemia....

CBN News Weekend: Sarah Palin Talks “Sweet Freedom” in Tough Times

Conservative Super Star Sarah Palin goes one-on-one with CBN’s Wendy Griffith. She talks about one of the toughest years...

Former Gov. Sarah Palin on 'My Toughest Year So Far'

Two presidential campaigns ago, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin became a conservative superstar. Seven years later, the self-proclaimed "Mamma...

Wis. Nuns Say They've Prayed Non-Stop Since 1878

An order of nuns in Wisconsin say they've prayed continually for people over the last 137 years.

Jesus and Surfing? Finding God in the Waves

After hitting rock bottom and a near death experience, Ben Martin felt God urging him to use his talents...

'Warrior Games' Put Wounded Vets Back in the Fight

They are American national treasures -- our wounded warriors. Injuries have taken more than a million out of the...

Journalism Student Faces Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sarah Thebarge is a speaker and author who earned a master’s degree in Medical Science from Yale and was...

Puberty Blockers: What Parents Should Know

Gender dysphoria isn't limited to adults like Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner but it is also affecting children.