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CBN Helps Mother Save Family from Malaria

When a mother’s family in India is ravaged by malaria, CBN comes to their village with a treatment to...

700 Club Interactive: Saving Faith - Feb. 11, 2014

Hear how faith saved an addict.

Israeli Doctors Save Muslim Boy Mauled by Hyena

Israeli Doctors Save Muslim Boy Mauled by Hyena

Bring It On-Line: Financial Disagreement

My husband thinks we should be putting the minimum into our bills, and everything else into savings. I think...

Bring It On-Line: God of Wrath

I know my time is drawing near. Instead of wasting Medicare money or my savings, I'd just like to...

'Life of a King' Shows the Saving Power of Chess

'Life of a King' Shows the Saving Power of Chess

'Life of a King' Shows the Saving Power of Chess

The murder statistic of American teens has driven one man to spend more than 30 years saving lives through...

CBN NewsWatch: January 24, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Jan. 24: On Bombs rock Cairo ahead of Arab Spring anniversary, Whiteout causes massive pileup in...

'Gimme Shelter' Shows the Saving Power of Hope

'Gimme Shelter' Shows the Saving Power of Hope

Double Trouble to Double Blessing

Born with crossed eyes and double vision, little Diana could not go outside because she kept falling down and...

Saving “Daddy’s Girl”

When a simple cold turned to pneumonia, Shea Yee’s parents were devastated to learn she had a hole in...

700 Club Interactive: God the Healer - Jan. 7, 2014

How powerful is prayer? One couple share how united prayer saved their family.

700 Club Interactive: Raising Children When Dad’s Not Saved - Dec 11, 2013

Author and speaker Lynn Donovan takes on the topic of parenting and how moms can best raise their children...

Kentucky Profiting from Divorce-Proofing Marriages

Kentucky residents, hurt by the nation's third highest divorce rate, are attacking divorce head-on with the help of an...

700 Club Interactive: Saved from Pornography - Dec 6, 2013

Hear how one woman found freedom after years of being in pornography. Saved from Pornography

Bring It On-Line: "Once Saved, Always Saved"

At what age will we be in Heaven? Are you the same age as the day you died on...

Bring It On-Line: Suicidal Thoughts

I believe in God and I have been saved, but recently I have been having suicidal thoughts. I've felt...

700 Club Interactive: Saved From Darkness - Nov.21, 2013

Hear how one man found love and freedom after years of rejection and addiction.