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700 Club Interactive: Saved From Death - May 27, 2014

A car accident left them trapped in an inferno. How one couple was saved after nearly being burned alive.

Star-Spangled Petition: Saving the National Anthem

Star-Spangled Petition: Saving the National Anthem

Please! Take Away the Pain!

Misha’s painful hernia could rupture at any time, but his parents couldn’t afford the surgery that would save him....

“Please Save My Baby!”

Unable to afford surgery, a Chinese mother cries out for help. CBN partners answer with an outpouring of compassion.

700 Club Interactive: Saved from Yourself - April 30, 2014

Are you searching for grace? Peace? Find out how you can find strength to carry on in the...

Bring It On-Line: Biblical Wine

Is it true that we only have to ask Jesus to save us once? If I continue to take...

Horrific Car Accident Leads to Angelic Encounter

When Dann and Tracey’s car was hit head-on by a drunk driver it burst into flames. With their lives...

Attorneys General Join Fight to Save War Cross

Attorneys General Join Fight to Save War Cross

Kimberly Foss: Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Return

Financial expert and author Kimberly Foss offers tips on how to save money this tax season.

The 700 Club - April 2, 2014

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas and her mother Natalie share about their faith and how it has sustained...

Uncommon Pitch Saves R.A. Dickey 's Career

Big League pitcher R. A. Dickey lengthened his career by developing a stifling knuckleball, but more importantly he strengthened...

Jerusalem Dateline: The Schindler of the Music World - March 28, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Orchestra of exiles. Meet the musician who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis,...

CBN NewsWatch: March 27, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, March 27: For Obamacare enrollment, the Devil's in the details, IDF uses drones to save lives,...

Israeli Military Using Drones to Save Lives

Israeli Military Using Drones to Save Lives

The 700 Club - March 27, 2014

Author and news anchor Brenda Ladun shares her experience of overcoming two bouts with breast cancer. Plus, Brad lived...

The Truth Saves NFL Player from Gang Life

NFL wide receiver Jason Avant's underprivileged childhood couldn't stop God's plan for his life.

“God Save Us!”

Getting water became a deadly adventure for Maryel and her cousin. See how you changed all that for Maryel,...

Bring It On-Line: Origanal Sin

Can my grandson still go to heaven since he was saved, or will he go to hell since he...