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Hiker Barely Escapes Alive from Death Mountain in Peru

Scott went retracing the steps of his wife's grandfather in the mountains of Peru, but found his survival skills...

Bring It On-Line: False Doctrines

How do you properly prepare for death, besides writing a will and financial aspects. How do you prepare to...

Bring It On-Line: Last Days

Are we living in the Last Days? Do you believe this is the end? I am a Christian; however,...

The 700 Club - September 15, 2014

A successful caterer shares his secret to bouncing back after bankruptcy. Plus, CBN helps save a baby’s life in China.

Coming Clean to Save a Marriage

Justin and Trisha’s marriage slowly deteriorated over ten years as kids and ministry took priority

News on The 700 Club: September 12, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club" September 12: CIA says ISIS may be 3 times bigger than thought, Ukraine...

Ukraine Aid: 'We Had to Risk Our Lives to Save Children'

Ukraine Aid: 'We Had to Risk Our Lives to Save Children'


The goal of CWN has always been to share news of what Christians are doing around the world, but...

A Doomed Marriage Saved by Prayer

Stephanie was abused, broken and searching for love in all the wrong places. Then she found God, and her...

Mysterious Throat Lesions Disappear After Prayer on TV

Find out how a simple cleaning project almost got the best of one man…and what saved him from near dehydration.

700 Club Interactive: How to be a Superhero - August 7, 2014

What does it take to be a superhero? Author Doug Fields shares how you can save your family...

Bring It On-Line: Good Stewards

How do we know how to have the right balance between being good stewards and enjoying what God has...

Obama's 'Criminal Conspiracy' to Murder the Middle Class

Obama's 'Criminal Conspiracy' to Murder the Middle Class

Baby and Mom Saved When Sisters Act

When she was six months pregnant, Monique suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was put on life support. Only prayer...

The Supernatural Saves A Bodybuilder’s Career

A shoulder injury threatened the career of accomplished, professional body builder Peter Putnam, but after hearing a prayer on...

700 Club Interactive: Smart Money Smart Kids - July 9, 2014

Rachel Cruze, daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, shares how saving and giving cab make your kids financially smart.

Can a Bad Marriage Really Be Good for You?

Can a Bad Marriage Really Be Good for You?

Can a Bad Marriage Really Be Good for You?

Psychotherapist Angel Davis is making a bold claim for those struggling in their marriage: one spouse can save a...