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700 Club Interactive: Break Those Chains - February 26, 2015

A random gift from a stranger saves a teenage gangster.

Bring It On-Line: Ready for Jesus' Return

Do you believe we are living in the Last Days? If so, what do you recommend to a young...

Bring It On-Line: Speaking Curses

Can a "saved" person speak curses over someone and hinder what God could do in that person's life? Can...

Suicidal Gangster Saved by Gift from Stranger

He was a 17-year-old gangster who only ever wanted acceptance and nearly took his life due to depression. Then...

Mom’s Prayer Saves Son from Crack Addiction

Pete’s life was consumed by his crack addiction and he was running from drug dealers. When he decided he’d...

The Divorce Which Saved a Marriage

The stress of work and raising twins became overwhelming to Herman and April and their relationship suffered. After their...

Making a City Impact in San Francisco

How God saved Roger Huang and imprinted the need for Christian love in the District of Tenderloin, in San Francisco.

Saving Her Family, Stitch by Stitch

Chandra hoped she could support her sick mother, brother, and sister by learning to sew—but she didn’t even own...

The Ingredients That Lead to Prosperity

Althea was raised to work hard and save for the future. But her real prosperity came when she added...

The 700 Club - January 16, 2015

Danielle lost her job and was broke with two boys to feed. She didn’t know what to do until...

Nothing to Trade for Her Son’s Life

Baby Kumar wasn’t thriving because of his cleft lip and palate. His helpless parents had no money for the...

Bringing home food and an education in Tennessee

A Memphis family of seven unexpectedly found themselves without food on the table after their father lost his job....

“Duck Dynasty’s” Al & Lisa Robertson Tell What Saved Their Marriage

“Duck Dynasty’s” Al & Lisa Robertson share how they each overcame difficult childhoods and poor choices to ultimately restore...

Genocidal Century: Culture of Death Leading to WWIII?

Genocidal Century: Culture of Death Leading to WWIII?

700 Club Interactive: Recovery of a Lifetime - Dec. 26, 2014

Superbowl champion Chris Reis shares about his greatest victory – saving his father from addiction.


Iraq’s Christians have little to celebrate this year, having been driven from their homes by the Islamic militant ISIS...

CIA Refutes Torture Claims, Says Lives Saved

CIA Refutes Torture Claims, Says Lives Saved

Is the Doctor In? Why Conservatives Want Ben Carson

Is the Doctor In? Why Conservatives Want Ben Carson