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Transgender Drug Dealer Prays for Transformation

Nichol embraced a masculine identity and same-sex relationships. Then a vicious attack changed everything, and Nichol began the long...

700 Club Interactive - August 30, 2018

Is chronic pain keeping you from sleeping? Fitness expert Sue Hitzman shares self-treatment techniques for pain-free sleep.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - August 22, 2018


700 Club Interactive - August 21, 2018

Born out of an affair, Natasha Grantz struggled with her identity. It wasn’t until a professor introduced her to...

Warrior of Christ Leads a Broken Heart Home

Natasha's desire for approval led her down dangerous paths. She decided to turn her life around, and then she...

Jay Lowder

A boy on the verge of suicide dies to himself and finds new meaning in life - sharing the...

The 700 Club - July 25, 2018

At nearly 800 pounds, a teen’s new identity leads him on the path to extreme weight loss. Plus, Dr....

Man's New Identity Leads to Extreme Weight Loss

At 800 pounds, Justin felt like he was in prison. He surrendered to God, and with his newfound identity...

Confronting Lies to Embrace a Fuller Life

A pastor's daughter believes she'll never be enough. She battles with an eating disorder until she confronts the lie...

Former Muslim Recounts Journey to Freedom

Rayeesa was raised in a Muslim home, but after meeting a Christian friend, she became curious about who Jesus was.

Struggle for Identity Traced Back to Childhood Abandonment

Struggle for Identity Traced Back to Childhood Abandonment After being discarded by his mother early in life, Josh felt...

Winning in Life From the Inside Out

Author Toure Roberts shares his new book, "Wholeness".

Muslim Discovers True Peace and Identity

Jazal felt worthless and afraid in her strict Muslim household. Then she experienced her first taste of freedom.

700 Club Interactive - May 22, 2018

A young man finds his identity in his athleticism, until his party life leads to a paralyzing auto accident.

'Those Who Bless Israel Will Be Blessed': US Embassy Move Marks New Era for the World

'Those Who Bless Israel Will Be Blessed': US Embassy Move Marks New Era for the World

Using Trauma to Help the Traumatized

Gary's past of abuse and violence nearly got him killed. But then he turned to God, enrolled in classes,...

Alcoholic Faces His Mortality, Turns Life Around

Brian's alcohol addiction was killing him, and then he realized he didn't want his life to end that way,...

The Surprising Solution to Your Self-Help Needs

Author and pastor Rusty George shares how to satisfy your deepest needs through the power of community.