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Former UFC Fighter Overcomes Depression

Ultimate Fighter Justin Wren struggled with low self esteem even after achieving his dream of becoming a professional fighter.

700 Club Interactive: Raising Selfless Kids in a Self-Centered W - Oct. 28, 2013

What is the secret to raising a selfless kid? Author Dave Stone shares just how that is possible.

Eat Fats, Cut Carbs to Reclaim Your Skinny Self

Eat Fats, Cut Carbs to Reclaim Your Skinny Self

Eat Fats, Cut Carbs to Reclaim Your Skinny, Healthy Self

A diet most doctors and even the government frown on helped Jimmy Moore lose 180 pounds in one year...

Food for a Lifetime: Ukraine SEED Project

Orphan's Promise helps a Gypsy community become self-sustaining by starting the SEED.

700 Club Interactive: Temple of the Holy Spirit - Sept. 17, 2013

She was a dancer with the wrong body, and years of pills and purging did nothing. See what changed...

Missionary on the Slopes

When Joel Parker discovered snowboarding, he found his identity and worth as his talent in the sport progressed. A...

In the Green Room with Caroline Barnett

Caroline Barnett shares how God called her to the LA Dream Center, why "serving is self-help," and how to...

The 700 Club - July 19, 2013

Bad relationship decisions cost Tomasa her identity and sense of self worth. Plus, a motorcycle accident leaves a worship...

Bring It On-Line: Spiritual Covering

Does God still love people who are involved in self harm? A friend said that the earthly state of...

700 Club Interactive: Worth In God - July 16, 2013

Join us at 700 Club Interactive as we discuss the difference between self-image and God's image.

Bring It On-Line: Dreams and Passions

Romans 12:20 says: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for...

Bring It On-Line: Trusting God

When praying for our children, should we trust God to take care of them or constantly check behind them?...

700 Club Interactive - Propaganda aka Jason Petty

Propaganda gives an intimate look at his struggles with self-image and racism, so others can see the man behind...

Marriage on the Rock: Healthy You

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner discuss how a healthy self-esteem is an asset to a marriage. A...

Google Self-Driving Car Debuts in Texas

Google Self-Driving Car Debuts in Texas

A Saints' 'Recovery of A Lifetime'

Mike and Chris Reis are a dynamic father and son speaking team whose mission is to encourage others to...

The 700 Club - February 12, 2013

Mike and Chris Reis are a dynamic father and son speaking team motivating people to live selflessly. Plus, Radha...