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Time to Make Your Money Grow!

To grow your money, you typically have to start out small. Bruce and Sharon started out small in their...

The "Nones" – Understanding

The "Nones" – Understanding

Gaza under Israeli Siege? No Way!

Gaza under Israeli Siege? No Way!

Gaza under Israeli Siege? No Way!

Gaza under Israeli Siege? No Way!

Years of Harmful Acid Reflux Stopped Cold

For years Lucy dealt with symptoms of severe acid reflux, causing her to have problems eating and sleeping, but...

Charities Join Forces to Provide a Blessed Christmas

Operation Blessing works with The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots to bless families with groceries and gifts.

From the City of Lights to the Festival of Lights

This year more French Jews immigrated to Israel than ever before. In this latest round, nearly 50 French Jews...

A Decade of Pain Ends with One Prayer

A heart condition plagued Pam for ten years. Surgery and medication had only made things worse and she was...

Never Too Old to Invest in God’s Work

90-year-old Royal Navy War veteran gives to CBN to build treasure in heaven.

Excruciating Foot Ailment Vanishes in Three Days

Debbie had excruciating pain in her foot and the diagnosis was Plantar fasciitis. When a prayer on The 700...

Seeing the Fruits of Faithful Giving

Donnie and Patti share the best investment they’ve ever made, and how it’s changing lives around the world.

Surgery Cancelled After Miraculous Healing

Ryan’s esophagus had deteriorated to the point he was considering drastic surgery to relieve the pain, until his mom...

A Public Health Crisis: America Hijacked by Porn?

Experts are hoping recent national gatherings will help the country as a whole begin to recognize that pornography is...

The Best Investment They’ve Ever Made

John and Toni Hart are committed to giving to others, and are blessed to see a return on their...

Kicked Out: A Homeschooler's Unfortunate Event

Straight-A student Jacob Berry was kicked out of his college because he was homeschooled. Now, his story has prompted...

Israel, CBN Join Int'l Aid Response to Nepal

Almost a week after Nepal's devastating earthquake, thousands are injured and homeless and in desperate need of aid. That...

Espacio exterior

Un nuevo programa en coordinación con la NASA y museos interactivos de Baja California para motivar a los niños...

Prayer Service Honors Lives Lost on AirAsia Flight

Prayer Service Honors Lives Lost on AirAsia Flight