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Egyptian President Meeting with US Evangelicals 'Prophetic' and 'Historic'

Egyptian President Meeting with US Evangelicals 'Prophetic' and 'Historic'

Who Were the London Terrorists? One Was on TV Waving an ISIS Flag!

Who Were the London Terrorists? One Was on TV Waving an ISIS Flag!

Christian World News - March 4, 2016

This week on Christian World News: Throughout history, Christians have been on the lookout for the anti-Christ. Now, author...

Gulf Arab Nations Declare Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

The Gulf Arab nations have officially declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

Rise of the Mahdi: The Antichrist Poised to Enter World Stage?

Dr. Michael Youssef details how some of the most violent Muslims are seeking to usher their messiah into the...

A New War in the Middle East?

The long running rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran now shows potential for open regional conflict after the Saudi execution...

ISIS Suspected in Russia Crash: What It Means

Growing evidence is leading investigators to believe a bomb may have downed the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai...

US Intel Suspects ISIS Behind Russian Plane Crash

The Russian plane that crashed in Egypt Saturday after taking off from the resort of Sharm al-Sheikh might have...

PA Incitement: 'It's Bin Laden Meets Zuckerberg'

Authorities arrested a prominent Hamas leader overnight, accusing him of inciting Palestinians to terrorism and "fomenting violence." Israel's prime...

Picture Emerges of 3-5 Minutes of Chattanooga Terror

New details are emerging about the Chattanooga, Tennessee, shooting spree that took the lives of five U.S. service members...

ISIS Trainer Turns to the Bible, 'Sick of the Killing'

A jihadist teacher for ISIS has turned to the Bible, seeking to learn more about Jesus Christ.

ISIS Victims Recount Year of Nightmares

It's been a year now since ISIS forces rampaged through parts of Iraq and Syria. Their trail of death...

Lebanese Terror Chief Praises Iranian Deal

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, spiritual leader of the Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah, praised the pending nuclear deal with Iran, saying...