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Saving Her Family, Stitch by Stitch

Chandra hoped she could support her sick mother, brother, and sister by learning to sew—but she didn’t even own...

They Got Home and Found Nothing

After a terrible flood struck Northern India, Ulfat, her mother, and two sisters returned to find nothing left of...

Sisters Brave Deadly Storm

Jennalyn and Janice prayed as howling winds ripped the roof from the church where they sought shelter. Their livelihood...

Twin Sister Story: Will Both Live?

What does a family in poverty do when one twin desperately needs lifesaving heart surgery?

Bring It On-Line: Lies and Gossips

My sister lies and gossips about me. My sister believes every time she lies or gossips, God forgives her...

Bring It On-Line: Church Required for Heaven?

What is a tool I can use to always believe in God? I'm saved, I have three sisters, and...

Bring It On-Line: Halloween

My sister wants to throw a Halloween party for the children in our family, but I'm a Christian woman...

Judge Effectively Decriminalizes Polygamy in Utah

Judge Effectively Decriminalizes Polygamy in Utah

What Would You Do if Your Child Couldn’t Speak?

Zhang had a hearing aid, but he still wasn’t speaking. See how you gave this sweet little boy his voice!

Bring It On-Line: Marriage and Children at 61

I know all things are possible with God, and that nothing is too hard for Him. Can I, a...

Baby and Mom Saved When Sisters Act

When she was six months pregnant, Monique suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was put on life support. Only prayer...

Nuns Square Off against Chicago Strip Club

Nuns Square Off against Chicago Strip Club

Mother and Son Reunited

Unable to support her son, Maria sent him to live with her sister. The homesick boy was miserable, and...

Coalition Preps to Fight Trafficking at World Cup

Coalition Preps to Fight Trafficking at World Cup

A Big Sister’s Gift of Love

How CBN partners transformed a baby’s life—and her big sister’s too.

Christian Iraqi: American Is Who I Became

In Iraq, churches are under attack from Islamic radicals. One Iraqi Christian fled to America, but her heart remains...

The 700 Club - Feb 19, 2014

Neglected and abused as a child, Jennifer fell into addiction and prostitution as a runaway. Plus, the Shores sisters...

Bring It On-Line: Cain's Wife

Where did Cain's wife come from? Was it his sister? Did God create a wife for Cain by using...