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The people of Boho province, Philippines, are still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake that hit last month...

700 Club Interactive: Under Pressure - Nov. 6, 2013

When a teenage son disappears, his parents’ nightmare became a reality. See what reunited them.

Mundo Cristiano: Noviembre 1, 2013

Hoy vea, un ministerio Cristíano que tiene tanta influencia que reune en su templo a todos los candidates Presidenciales....

The 700 Club - Oct. 23, 2013

Author and evangelist Bishop Harry Jackson shares how to experience God's transforming love. Plus, Dave's harsh treatment of his...

An Angry Dad Meets a Forgiving God

Dave's harsh treatment of his son resulted in a life-changing journey to find a runaway child.

NYC Candidates Back Muslim Holidays for Schools

NYC Candidates Back Muslim Holidays for Schools

Mundo Cristiano: Octubre 18, 2013

Vea hoy. Los problemas políticos y económicos en E.E.U.U. son producto de la ausencia de Dios?. Ministerios se unen...

Bae's Mom 'Heartbroken' to Leave Jailed Son

Bae's Mom 'Heartbroken' to Leave Jailed Son

Miguel Leitón: Ni-Nis

¿Sabe usted que son "Los Ni-nis"?, Son muchachos o muchachas que no quieren ni estudiar, ni trabajar y se...

God Tells Abraham To Take Issac to the Land of Moriah

Abraham obeys God's directive to take his son to the land of Moriah.

Ciclopaseo en familia!

Tiempo de calidad en familia, toneladas de sana diversión y solidaridad con los vecinos, son sólo algunos de los...

Ahora, Mirna y su familia tienen agua para beber!

El consumo de agua contaminada está minando la vida de cientos de habitantes en El Salvador . Los más...

The Tornado that Changed Their Lives Forever

When a F5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK, it took nearly everything from Dani and Ross Legg–including their nine-year-old...

Nigeria: Islamic Terrorists Suspected in 3 Murders

Nigeria: Islamic Terrorists Suspected in 3 Murders

The House from Heaven

Blanca and her twin sons lived in a house made out of bits of tin and plastic, and one...

When Learning to Read Is a Luxury

Seven-year-old Khaerudin hated to quit school but his family couldn’t afford the fees. When his parents learned about a...

A Blind Father’s Dream

As a blind beggar on the streets of India, Labo dreamed of sending his son to school. But as...

Cursed: Fearing for Baby Franklin

After Olivia’s young son Franklin developed a tumor on his neck, neighbors blamed it on witchcraft and her husband...