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CBN News Showcase - This Week's Top Stories

CBN News Showcase - This Week's Top Stories

Fmr So. Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd to Head National Day of Prayer

Fmr So. Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd to Head National Day of Prayer

Russell Moore: 'White Supremacy is Satanic'

Russell Moore: 'White Supremacy is Satanic'

CBN News Minute - June 17, 2016

OUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: URGENT and frightening warning from CIA director John Brennan... U.N. panel is asking...

Trump and Evangelicals: True Love or Settling for Second Best?

Republican presidential candiate Donald Trump is talking faith and it's getting a mixed reaction.

Moore: Ben Carson Isn't Straight Out of 'Vacation Bible School'

Southern Baptist Leader Dr. Russell Moore said he's not shocked that presidential candidate Ben Carson holds to "very unorthodox doctrines."

Title: What’s the Problem With Praying?

Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention offers some analysis...

Gay Marriage: What Now for Christians and the Church?

The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage has sparked controversy ranging from religious freedom to how parents should talk...

Stephen Moore on Gay Marriage and Protecting Your Ministry

In the weeks before the ruling came down, the Southern Baptist Convention partnered with the Alliance Defending Freedom to...

A World Where Gay Marriage Is Law of the Land

Many high court observers think since gay marriage is already legal in several states, the justices might decide to make it...

Tony Campolo's Gay Marriage Support Highlights Divide

As Christian minister Tony Campolo announced his full acceptance of gay couples in the church, most evangelical pastors, churches, and...

Undivided Church: A Second Chance to 'Do Justice'

Protests have unfolded in the last year over police shootings of unarmed blacks. That unrest has sparked Southern Baptist...

Same-Sex Ministry in an Age of Gay Marriage

Since the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, churches are re-thinking ministry to those with same-sex attraction. What they're finding...

Speak Spanish or Jesus: The New Latino Vote

Presidential contenders will need to attract a more diverse crowd than ever and that includes the evangelical vote. Here's...