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Shawn Mitchell: An Appointment with 'Dr. Jesus'

He had a stroke and doctors expected him to die, but the ultimate Healer stepped in.

700 Club Interactive – January 13, 2011

Feature: Surviving the Nashville Floods

700 Club Interactive – January 12, 2011

Guest: Abby Johnson

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 10, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 10, 2011

700 Club Interactive – January 11, 2011

Guest: Eric Alexander

Frederic Almond: Scarred for Life

When I was 11, a burglar broke into our house, stabbed and killed my mother, and he stabbed me...

Balram's Glasses

A fisherman gets a pair of glasses from Operation Blessing. Now he can see clearly and continue to provide...

700 Club Interactive – January 10, 2011

Guests: The Skit Guys

700 Club Interactive – January 7, 2011

Guest: Anne Jackson on Permission to Speak Freely

Sara Weaver: Remembering Ruby Ridge

She saw her family gunned down in the skirmish at Ruby Ridge. Today, she walks in forgiveness and the...

Tien: Mother's Heart

A single mother with a heart problem contacts her pastor, who refers her to CBN.

700 Club Interactive – January 6, 2011

Join Gordon Robertson for interactive ministry.

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 4, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 4, 2011

Esther Lohrke: Hope at the End of The Line

Jumping off of a bridge into speeding traffic was the only way Esther Lohrke thought she could escape her marriage.

700 Club Interactive – January 5, 2011

Feature: Veronica's Voice

Johnny Lee Clary: Christ and The Ku Klux Klan

He was an Imperial Wizard in the Klan when his life began to come undone.

700 Club Interactive – January 4, 2011

Guest: Brian 'Head' Welch, formerly of Korn

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 3, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: January 3, 2011