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When the Path to Prison Leads to Freedom

Drug dealing and other crimes catch up Steve and he receives a 20-year prison sentence.

Paying the Consequences of a Drug Induced Rage

Drugs, truancy and crime defined Darryll’s life in his teen years and contributed to an aimless existence as a...

CBN NewsWatch: April 9, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, April 9: Pa. stabbing suspect ID'd as 16-Year-Old student, Bobby Jindal gearing up for presidential run?,...

Death Certificate Used to Steal Woman's Identity

Death Certificate Used to Steal Woman's Identity

Target: Credit Info of Millions of Customers Stolen

Target: Credit Info of Millions of Customers Stolen

Rebekah Encourages Jacob's Deceit

Rebekah tells Jacob to steal Esau's blessing from Isaac.

A Dangerous Fight for Water

Breaking a railway pipeline and evading police and other tribes was the only way Vyastha and his village could...

Convicted Killer Forgiven

Raul Dominguez thought that escaping Cuba would lead to a better life in the united States, but his criminal...

700 Club Interactive: Unlocking Creativity - July 24, 2012

Author of Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon shares ten ways that we all can unlock our creativity.

'Ketchup Kids' Help Principal Find True Calling

'Ketchup Kids' Help Principal Find True Calling

'Ketchup Kids' Help Principal Find True Calling

One school principal in the heart of Las Vegas is working to provide families with food and clothes after...

Please Send Me to Jail

She used pot and alcohol, and eventually became addicted to crack. She doubted she'd ever be free from addiction.

A Deeper Connection: The True Meaning of 'Merry Christmas'

The words "Merry Christmas" have returned to the lips of retailers across the country.

Big Bucks Motivate 'Return Fraud'

It's estimated that returning stolen merchandise costs stores close to 16 billion dollars a year. It also drives prices...

Untold Story on War on Terror

Bill Gertz of The Washington Times is one of America's top national security reporters. His latest book is called...

Jason Black: Peace in the Pain

As a budding opera star, Jason Black’s voice is his future. However, a freak accident is about to steal...

Jeremy Miller: A Restored Heart for His Generation

Jeremy Milller loved the hip-hop lifestyle, but he couldn't keep up with it. Then one day, this teenage junkee...

Fatah: A Partner for Peace?

The United States has spent millions to bolster the Palestinian government, but there are two competing governments.

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