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Christian World News: 20th Anniversary Edition - December 12, 2014

This week on Christian World News: Celebrating 20 years of broadcasting good news to the nations. The stories from...

Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Hear the story of one of the Salvation Army’s bell ringers who was saved from a life of homelessness.

700 Club Interactive: Black Hawk Down - December 2, 2014

A Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger share their stories of living through “Black Hawk Down”.

The 700 Club - November 27, 2014

Learn the incredible true story of Squanto, the unlikely hero of the first Thanksgiving. Plus, meet Lucca, a decorated...

Christian World News - November 28, 2014

On a special edition of “Christian World News,” we celebrate Thanksgiving. After looking at how Americans came to celebrate...

Award-Winning Top Dog Lucca

Meet Lucca, a military working dog and her handler Marine Gunnery Sergeant Chris Willingham. Hear their story and the...

Pittsburgh Steelers Lineman Is A Force to Be Reckoned With

From a seventh round draft pick to starting offensive lineman on one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, Kelvin...

The 700 Club - November 21, 2014

Mickey loves skydiving, but on one of his trips he died in a fiery plane crash. Hear the story...

700 Club Interactive: When Lightning Strikes Nov. 21, 2014

Hear the story of one man who survived being struck by lightning twice.

The 700 Club - November 19, 2014

Author Autumn Miles escaped an abusive marriage and will share her story and new book, “Appointed.” Also, Jaye was...

Bring It On-Line: Hollywood Biblical Movies

Do all believers go to heaven? After having seen Noah and also seeing trailers for both Left Behind and...

The Unlikely Hero of The First Thanksgiving

He was the Native American man whom God used to answer a desperate prayer from a desperate people. This...

700 Club Interactive: Radical Islam - Nov. 14, 2014

The chilling story of a politician who was marked for death – for speaking the truth about Islam!

Bring It On-Line: Mark of the Beast

What does God have in store for His people who reject the "mark of the beast"? I am having...

700 Club Interactive: Veterans Day 2014 - Nov. 11, 2014

We’ll salute our veterans – and hear the story of a Navy SEAL who was shot nearly two dozen...


The untold story of a Christian businessman who used his faith and his influence to bring down South Africa’s...

Can People Really Be Possessed by Demons?

Sandy was a real life victim of demonic possession. You don’t want to miss her story on The 700 Club.

Michael Brown Autopsy May Support Officer's Story

Michael Brown Autopsy May Support Officer's Story