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700 Club Interactive: Restored and Renewed - September 9, 2014

After a traumatic childhood, Stephanie struggled to find love – until her life radically changed.

'Laundry Love' Washes Clothes for Calif. Homeless

'Laundry Love' Washes Clothes for Calif. Homeless

The 700 Club - August 28, 2014

Author Lysa TerKeurst shares how women can control their schedules and make wise decisions in the midst of never-ending...

Being the Beloved of God

Stasi struggled with body images from childhood. It wasn’t until adulthood that she learned about being the, “beloved of...

Craig and Christine West

Craig West from K-LOVE’s popular morning show talks about his struggle with depression.

Finding Worth Beyond Beauty Pageants

Crowned Miss America in 2007, Lauren Nelson struggled with identity and purpose beyond being a beauty queen.

Bring It On-Line: Forgivness and Healing

Does a person have to repent or forgive others to be healed? Jesus did not mention any of the...

Texas Group to Launch 'Christian eBay' to Help Poor

Texas Group to Launch 'Christian eBay' to Help Poor

Experience Life Without Fear

Kathy’s struggle with fear, anxiety and self-hatred was rooted in early childhood abuse. Years later she attended church with...

Alcoholic Katrina Victim Finds Hope on Television

Sharon’s struggle with alcoholism was only intensified after losing her home in Hurricane Katrina. After relocating to Baton Rouge,...

First Gaza Christian Killed: 'This Is Her Blood-Soaked Clothes!'

First Gaza Christian Killed: 'This Is Her Blood-Soaked Clothes!'

Bring It On-Line: Rocky Marriage

I have been married for two years, and have been struggling to keep our marriage centered around Christ. I...

700 Club Interactive: Thankful to be Alive - July 28, 2014

One moment, Barbara was getting out of the shower – the next, she drops to the ground. She...

Bring It On-Line: Baby out of Wedlock

My son and his girlfriend are having a baby. They are not married and my wife and I are...

Can a Bad Marriage Really Be Good for You?

Psychotherapist Angel Davis is making a bold claim for those struggling in their marriage: one spouse can save a...

Mother and Son Reunited

Unable to support her son, Maria sent him to live with her sister. The homesick boy was miserable, and...

No Walls to Keep Out the Rats!

Hardworking father struggles to raise two sons in a house without walls—and with lots of rats. See the results...

Raising A Baby Alone

Flissie is a single mom. Determined to raise her daughter, she struggled with depression as she faced the daily...