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When Talent Meets Passion

Author Pat Williams discusses what happens when talent and passion bring you to "The Success Intersection."

Simone Biles’ Adoptive Mother Shares From the Heart

When Nellie adopted her granddaughter Simone Biles she wasn’t sure it was the right decision, but faith made all...

Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles on Faith and Courage

Simone Biles won five medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and now she talks to CBN about...

War Room Star Talks Playing on God's Team

Author and War Room actor T.C. Stallings discusses faith and how to remain a true follower of Jesus.

Opera Singer: God Made Me Whole

Morris Robinson was a football standout who, after working a decade in sales and feeling unfulfilled, he found doors...

Olympian Skeet Shooter: God Made Me Faithful

Vincent Hancock was chasing gold as his wife quietly encouraged him to trust God for his success. His performance...

700 Club Interactive - February 13, 2017

A convicted felon turned successful CEO says five bold choices can redefine your life.

Choose to Redefine Your Life

A convicted felon turned successful CEO, Jay Couhglan says five bold choices can redefine your life.

Redefine Your Life

Convict turned CEO, Jay Coughlan shares how he lost his father while driving drunk, and how he accepted Christ...

The NFL’s Best Keep Success in Perspective at the Big Game

Super Bowl 51 is in the history books, but as the cleanup begins in Houston CBN Sports reporter Shawn...

Harry Connick Jr. Credits Faith for Success

CBN's Scott Ross dropped in on Harry Connick Jr. to discuss his show, Harry, and to talk about life,...

Praying For Others Through Social Media

Author Kellie Lane discusses the power of prayer, and how she reaches uses Facebook live-streaming to reach millions.

NFL Running Back Chooses Pulpit Over Playbook

Napoleon Kaufman is a former Oakland Raiders running back who surprisingly retired in the prime of his successful, NFL...

The 700 Club - January 24, 2017

Scott can’t believe his own success story. He and his wife struggled to survive on welfare for years. Scott...

Salary Increases, Bonuses, Clients – One Woman’s Path to Success

When you can hardly pay your bills, it’s hard to imagine ever having enough money to help someone else....

Building a Successful Small Business

Barry and Juli have been in business for over 40 years. During that time, they have experience ups and...

She Took God’s Challenge and Found Success!

When her employer relocated, Patti found herself out of a job and in debt. She was at the end...

Former Pro Wrestler Makes Feature Film Debut

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, discusses playing a church volunteer in the new movie, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.