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Cancer Diagnosis Inspires Fight for Survival

Joe never lost hope as he suffered from cancer for two years, even when doctors were not optimistic.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - July 11, 2018


Suffering Woman’s Unexpected Visitor Has Eternal Impact

Janie turned to substance abuse to cope with her pain. When she thought there was no hope, a pastor's...

Praising God for the Impossible Made Possible

Henrietta suffered from recurring pain in her shoulder from a work injury. One day a prayer on TV changed everything.

Mother's Active Life Restored Through Prayer

Neck pain brought Heather's busy life as a wife, mother, teacher, and coach to a halt.

Praying Away 26 Years of Pain

An army recruit suffers a hip injury but fights through the pain for 26 years.

Controversial Decision Threatens Budding Soccer Career

Soccer star Jaelene Hinkle's courage and faith are tested when a blood clot, and then a controversial game decision,...

Brain Tumor Dissolves by Power of Prayer

Evelyn went through ten treatments to remove her brain tumor, but all were ineffective. However, her friends and family...

Ballet Dancer Trusts God For Healing

Donna gave everything to her ballet career, but then stress kept her from leaving the house. Two years later,...

A Mother’s Dying Wish

Two days after YuPing was born, his mother died, but her husband vowed to make her proud of him....

Prayer Heals Traumatic Brain Injury

Ashley suffered severe brain damage after a car accident. Around the world, people prayed, and a year later Ashley...

Young Woman Credits God’s Purpose for Survival

Jocelyn’s life was on the line when an artery ruptured in her brain. As doctors worked to save her,...

The 700 Club - March 28, 2018

Two brothers suffering from an incurable disease are rescued from the brink of death. Plus, at home with Charlotte...

Restored and Delivered From Addiction

Mary eagerly accepted Christ as a child until heartbreak challenged her to turn to something else as an adult.

Telling the Story of a Man Tortured for Christ

Director John Grooters shares the new film, "Tortured for Christ" that tells the story of a pastor's imprisonment for...

Miraculous Cure for Incurable Deadly Disease

Cameron and Caden were approaching death until medical tests confirmed the impossible.

700 Club Interactive - March 13, 2018

Author, pastor, and international speaker, Christy Wimber shares how the church can help those suffering and struggling with mental illness.

Confronting Mental Illness in the Church

Christy Wimber shares how the church can help those suffering and struggling with mental illness.