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The political upheaval in Egypt once again highlights the plight of the country's Christians. They have suffered even more...

The 700 Club - June 21, 2013

High wire artist Nik Wallenda talks about his Grand Canyon tightrope walk. Plus, Emily suffered for pain related to...

Christians Say US Suffering Leadership Crisis

Christians Say US Suffering Leadership Crisis

Suffering with Allergies? We Have Solutions to Ease Your Discomfort

This year's allergy season is bound to be longer, stronger and the worst pollen levels are still to come....

700 Club Interactive: The Suffering Servant - April 4, 2013

Join us as we take an in depth look into the life of Jesus, the ultimate servant.

An Easter Morning Emergency

Ed suffered a major medical emergency during an Easter Sunday service that should have left him dead.

Imprisoned Pastor's Wife: Nightmare is Not Over

Imprisoned Pastor's Wife: Nightmare is Not Over

The 700 Club - February 26, 2013

Raised in a rough Michigan neighborhood, Troy grew up to pursue the violent life of gangs. Plus, the Schliesmann's...

Islamic Extremism Spreading Across Africa

Islamic Extremism Spreading Across Africa

Bring It On-Line: Overcoming Depression

I have been suffering with depression for many years. I pray, I've been prayed over, but it keeps coming...

Shoo Flu! Keeping Your Family Influenza-Proof

America is suffering from one of the worst flu seasons in years. CBN News shares tips on how you...

Waiting for God - When He’s Waiting for You

Vann suffered a major setback when he broke his hip. On a sharply limited income and feeling lost and...


CBN Indonesia is giving free cleft and hernia surgeries to suffering children, most of whom are from poor Muslim...

The 700 Club - January 7, 2013

Emily suffered for 15 years with pain from a rib injury until she received a prayer on The 700...

Healed in an Instant After 15 years of Pain

Emily suffered for pain related to a rib injury for 15 years. In an instant, a prayer on the...

John Calhoun: The Feet of the Saints

John suffered with a severe athlete’s foot condition until a prayer on the 700 Club made a difference.

Years of Pain Stopped in Its Tracks

Tonya suffered with horrible pain in her foot for years. The discomfort became a way of life until she...

Helping the Helpless

Guatemala is still recovering from a major earthquake last week. At least 44 people died, and more than a...