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'Superbook' Takes Center Stage at Japan's Biggest Evangelistic Festival

'Superbook' Takes Center Stage at Japan's Biggest Evangelistic Festival

To Do Or Not To Do - The Superbook Show

Focus on the things you SHOULD do for God.

Importance of Being Excellent - The Superbook Show

We can be excellent in what we do- for the glory of God!

CBN Global Update: November 5, 2018

In Thailand, CBN hosted a Superbook Prayer Day to teach kids about the Gospel!

The World's A Stage - The Superbook Show

We all have a part to play in God's plan. From the Bible Museum in Washington DC.

Trust In The Lord - The Superbook Show

Can you trust in God's love even when life is changing?

Superbook - Episode 5 - The Ten Commandments - Full Episode

The full episode of The Ten Commandments.

What Will People Think? - The Superbook Show

What happens when you have to pray in public? What will people think of you if you pray?

Halloween - The Superbook Show

A discussion about Halloween. Is it possible for Jesus to redeem the holiday?

Superbook Club Offer: “Jeremiah”

Watch a preview of the new DVD from Superbook, “Jeremiah”.

Now Available on Superbook

Get your copy of “Jeremiah” today!

Bible App Walk-Through - The Superbook Show

Want to know about the Superbook Bible App? Our host Jessica walks us through the App.

Jealousy - The Superbook Show

Have you ever experienced jealousy? Emma, Chandler and Joel talk about how to overcome jealousy by learning the story...

God Visits Jeremiah

God appoints Jeremiah a prophet of Israel.

Hananiah’s False Prophecy And Death

Hananiah’s false prophecy leads to his death.

Jeremiah Arrested And Beaten

Pashhur the priest has Jeremiah arrested and beaten.

Jeremiah Freed

When Jeremiah is released to Gedaliah, he shares a vision with Ebed-Melech.

Jeremiah Pulled From Cistern

With Ebed-Melech’s help, Jeremiah is freed from a cistern.