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Así ha nacido el Superlibro 3D!

Beatriz Viera, productora, nos habla del proyecto que está revolucionando el mundo de la enseñanza de principios bíblicos a...

CBN Global Update: April 4, 2016

CBN hosted to two special Superbook events in London over Easter weekend, ministering to hundreds of kids in attendance.

CBN Global Update: March 14, 2016

CBN’s Superbook receives two prestigious awards in the Philippines.

The 700 Club - March 11, 2016

What is the history behind Palestinian refugees in Israel and why are their numbers still growing? Plus, CBN’s Superbook...

Gizmo at the 'Top the World' Helps Devastated Kids Laugh Again

The country was devastated last year by a tragic earthquake. Today, CBN's Superbook's "Gizmo" is helping kids laugh again...

Superbook Makes Life-Changing Impact on Young Girl

After watching Superbook and praying to become a Christian, 10-year-old Rachel learns to obey her parents and encourages her...

CBN Global Update: February 22, 2016

CBN is sharing the Gospel with children in Russia and Ukraine through Superbook.

The 700 Club - February 19, 2016

Media intersects with ministry at Superbook Academy, the online Sunday School curriculum built around CBN’s animated Superbook series. Plus,...

Media Intersects with Ministry at Superbook Academy

Superbook Academy is an online Sunday School curriculum that teaches Bible lessons supplementing the episodes from CBN’s animated Bible...

Superbook for the Whole Family

Kyle loves to watch Superbook with his kids. The animated series teaches the children values that that last a...