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Superbook "Jesus at the Last Supper"

"Jesus at the Last Supper"

Superbook “The Temple In Jerusalem”

“The Temple In Jerusalem”

Superbook “Money Changers”

“Money Changers”

Superbook “Judas Betrays Jesus”

“Judas Betrays Jesus”

Superbook “John Argues With The Disciples”

“John Argues With The Disciples”

Superbook “The Immoral Woman”

“The Immoral Woman”

Superbook “The First Communion”

“The First Communion”

Superbook “Centurion Watching Jesus”

“Centurion Watching Jesus”

Superbook “Satan Causing Havoc”

“Satan Causing Havoc”

Superbook “Jesus Heals the Paralytic”

“Jesus Heals the Paralytic”

Superbook “Jesus Calms The Storm”

“Jesus Calms The Storm”

Superbook “The Parable of the Sower”

“The Parable of the Sower”

Superbook "Peter Shares About Jesus"

“Peter Shares About Jesus”

Superbook: “Jonah”

Watch a preview of “Jonah”─a story of God’s mercy and compassion. Sometimes all someone needs is another chance.

CBN Mexico Launches New Version of 'Superbook'

CBN Mexico Launches New Version of 'Superbook'


On Easter weekend, Mexico will launch the new version of the CBN animated series Superbook. Superlibro, as it's called...

Superbook: A Look Inside The Garden

Get a preview of the latest Superbook episode titled, 'In the Garden,' the story of Jesus' glorious resurrection.

The 700 Club - March 8, 2013

The founder of Christian reggae group Christafari shares his story of drugs, Rastafarianism, and finding Jesus. Plus, take a...