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Superbook Church Edition: Small Groups

Small groups are packed full of games, fun activities, and a whole lot more. Students will learn valuable life...

Superbook Church Edition: Lesson 3

What is a Superbook Church Edition lesson like? Here is an example of what you will experience in Lesson...

Superbook Church Edition: Lesson 1

What is a Superbook Church Edition lesson like? Here is an example of what you will experience in Lesson...

Superbook Church Edition: What is a Module?

What is a Superbook Church Edition Module? Please visit our website for more details. © 2014 The Christian Broadcasting...

Superbook Church Edition: Introduction

Superbook Church Edition combines the award winning Superbook animation with powerful curriculum to introduce the next generation to Jesus...

Superbook Church Edition: Getting Started

Superbook Church Edition curriculum is available on our website. Here you will find everything you need to take your...

Superbook Church Edition: What is in the Box?

Here’s what you will receive when you download Superbook Church Edition modules. Please visit our website for more details....

Unlikely Investors Bring Superbook to Ukraine

A group of young Ukrainian Christians attend a Superbook premiere and are then compelled to fund a Superbook event...

Superbook Premieres in Mandarin Chinese

Superbook’s “He Is Risen” episode played to enthusiastic Chinese children in the Mandarin language. Hear the comments from excited...

Superbook: New Hope for Russia’s Children

Led to Christ by CBN’s original Superbook 20 years ago, Marianna returns to her native Russia as a missionary

One Child, Big Impact

Although she’s only 9 years old, Yasmin is already making an impact for Christ. Watch how she has learned...

A Pivotal Moment—a Changed Life

Superbook changed 7-year-old Kenzo’s life. While he used to love to draw his favorite comic book superheroes, he now...

Music That Brings Superbook to Life

The music in Superbook is much more than background noise.” It’s the finishing touch that brings the story to life.

Special Superbook® offer—In time for Easter!

Get Superbook’s new adventure, “Peter’s Denial.” Plus, find out how you can get 3 free copies of “He Is Risen!”

Superbook Spans the Generations

For the McBride family of Virginia, three generations are regularly enjoying CBN’s Superbook animated Bible story series.

Superbook: “John the Baptist”

In Superbook’s newest adventure, you’ll meet John the Baptist as he prepares people for the arrival of Jesus.

Superbook: “Noah and the Ark”

Superbook’s “Noah and the Ark” brings a favorite Bible story to life through incredible animation. It’s sure to become...

Superbook: “Noah and the Ark”

Meet Noah as he follows God’s instructions to build a huge boat on dry land—with no rain in sight!