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Surf sin límites

Vamos a conocer la historia de un grupo de osados. A quienes limitaciones físicas, como la falta de sus...

Club 700 Hoy: Noviembre 3, 2013 #435

Daniel Calveti, cantante, nos habla de su producción discográfica "Mi Refugio", y comparte con nosotros de su experiencia durante...

Government Program to Monitor Emails, Web Surfing

Government Program to Monitor Emails, Web Surfing

700 Club Interactive: The Demise of Guys - June 20, 2012

Minster, counselor and author of Surfing for God Michael John Cusick takes on the topic of “the demise of...

Mitt Romney Riding the Wave?

Likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney recently hung up his dress shirts and ties for a wet suit and...

Soul Surfer Spot

Soul Surfer Spot

More Drivers Texting Behind Wheel, Despite Laws

More Drivers Texting Behind Wheel, Despite Laws

Pew Study: Many Go Online for No Good Reason

Pew Study: Many Go Online for No Good Reason

News on The 700 Club: March 24, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club for Wednesday, Mar. 24, the top stories from CBN News include -- Smoothing...

One Cubed - My World - Rory

One Cubed - My World - Rory

Surfing on the Edge of Danger

This is Jessie Hines. He’s a professional surfer and model. Here is the story about a very special day...

Giovanni Greco: The Surfer with No Fear

Giovanni Greco is a famous surfer now but when he started out, he was easily pulled under by the...

Surfer Evangelists -- Surfing the Nations for Christ

A new wave of missionaries are taking the Gospel to the world. The young guys and girls spend their...

Marlise Kast: The Truth Behind Tabloid Media

Gossip. Dirt. Sleaze. Marlise Kast sold her soul in the cutthroat world of Hollywood celebrity reporting. Her biggest story...

Faith That Restored a Quadriplegic

Missionary Art Sanborn was paralyzed after a surfing accident broke his neck. He was told he would live the...

Bryan Jennings: Riding the Waves With God

This young, professional surfer talks about how he got into surfing and about how God got a hold of him.

Go into All the World (Wide Web)

When Jesus commanded, 'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel,' there was no Internet. Internet evangelism...

Online Porn: Protect Your Child

Do you know what your kids are looking at on the Internet? If you're not careful, they can be...

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