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The Surrender Project: Ministry Combats PTSD

Shield of Faith Missions founder, Damon Friedman, discusses a holistic approach to combating PTSD, which he calls the Surrender Project.

From Clueless to Conservative: Stacey Dash's Unlikely Hollywood Story

From Clueless to Conservative: Stacey Dash's Unlikely Hollywood Story

Career Criminal Surrenders While Visiting Local Church

Avaristo started down the wrong path at a young age and the Texas Chicano Brotherhood became his family. Gangs...

Where to Turn When Religion Lets You Down

David didn’t understand the difference between religion and having a relationship with God, so he chased fulfillment in money,...

A Shattered Showgirl Surrenders to a Higher Calling

Born into poverty, Dana’s hope for a good life was non existant. She was lured into adult entertainment, but...

Iran Seizes Foreign Ship, Prompting US Response

An international shipping vessel was seized by Iranian forces Tuesday after Iran's Revolutionary Guard fired warning shots, forcing it to...

“Pop Evil” Rock Star Casts Out Demon

Tony Greve was enjoying his rock star lifestyle, but partying left him feeling empty. When a pastor prayed with...

Grieving AirAsia Flight Families: 'God Is Bigger than This'

Grieving AirAsia Flight Families: 'God Is Bigger than This'

Infertile Couple Face Cancer in the Midst of Miraculous Pregnancy

She lost a baby, struggled through years of infertility and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Still, she knew God...

Free Meal at Church Changes Drug Addict’s Life

Running from pain and disappointment only intensified Michelle’s downward spiral that began in her late teens. But after the...

Netanyahu Urges Don't 'Surrender to Iran' on Nukes

Netanyahu Urges Don't 'Surrender to Iran' on Nukes

Made in God’s Image

Angela struggled with her image for years and eating disorders were the result until she realized how God views her.

UK's Tommy Robinson: Racist, Bigot, or Hero?

Britain's Tommy Robinson has long been labeled a bigot for his stance against radical Islam. While his sudden departure...

Slugger Chris Davis Reveals True Power Source

Baltimore Orioles All-Star slugger Chris Davis talks faith and baseball with CBN Sports.

How to Overcome a Bad Investment

A car wash business seemed like a good investment-but it wasn’t. See what Raymond and Suzanne Berg did that...

Bring It On-Line: Immoral Sins

How can I completely surrender my heart to God? Will He keep forgiving me for the repeated sins I...

Everest Climber's Mountaintop Experience

While scaling the summit of Mt. Everest, Brian Dickinson was confronted by his own mortality. With his vision and...

Women Confess Post-Abortion Trauma in Web Series

Surrender the Secret," a new 10-part web series on KnockTV is addressing the post-traumatic plight of women who have...

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