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Tattoo Artist Uses Talent as a Showcase for God

Find out how tattoo artist Chris Baker is helping cover the ink of human trafficking victims and also gangsters.

Providing for a Family of 6 on $5 a Day

In Ukraine, Vera is raising her children in a rundown house without power and water and with little heat....

Kermit Gosnell Video - News Clip

Film Seeks to Expose 'Serial Killer' Kermit Gosnell with John Jessup's intro and tag.

Anna's Fairytale

More than one million children a year become victims of sex trafficking. This is the story of one child...

CBN NewsWatch: July 26, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, July 26: Texas, NC bans herald growing pro-life sentiment; GOP steps up fight as Obamacare price...

News on The 700 Club: July 26, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" July 26: GOP steps up fight as Obamacare price tag grows, Feds ask...

News Channel Morning Edition: July 26, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, July 26: GOP steps up fight as Obamacare price tag grows, Graham audit...

GOP Steps Up Fight as Obamacare Price Tag Grows

GOP Steps Up Fight as Obamacare Price Tag Grows

Obama Launches Sequester Charm Offensive

Obama Launches Sequester Charm Offensive

700 Club Interactive: One Nation Under Surveillance - November 15, 2012

A matter of safety or an invasion of privacy? Learn more about RFID tags for school children and see...

‘Tag Team’ Parenting

Karen Frisch couldn't afford child care, and she didn't want someone else raising her kids, so she and her...

Banning the Game of Tag?

Tag may no longer be "it" on some playgrounds across America. An elementary school south of Boston is banning...

Who Are the 9th Circuit Judges?

CBN News has been given unique access, an opportunity to sit down with judges from the 9th Circuit…

Is There an ID Chip in Your Future?

There's a growing movement to forcibly tag or chip your animals with radio frequency identification devices. Many privacy advocates...

Can an Act of Faith Change Your Life?

Unexpected home repairs and a struggling new business had Art and Rene Harrel in real financial trouble. That’s...

The Night God Played Tag

Jeremy Benson grew up knowing hard times and hopelessness. By the time he was 16, he was playing a...

Beijing Strikes Tourism Gold

The United Nations estimates that China will be the most popular tourist destination in the world by 2020.

Christine Avanti: Christmas Recipes from the Skinny Chick

The author cooks up some holiday delights that won't stretch your waistline.

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