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Bring It On-Line: Tattoos

Like many people I have gotten tattoos, mostly when I was younger and not where I'm at with The...

Bring It On-Line: Religious Tattoos

I have read the Bible and several times Jesus stated that he is not God but his Son, and...

CBN NewsWatch: November 11, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 11: France foils 'sucker's deal' on Iran nuclear talks; Tattoo removal gives ex-offenders second chance;...

Tattoo Removal Gives Ex-Offenders Second Chance

Tattoo Removal Gives Ex-Offenders Second Chance

Bring It On-Line: Video Games

What do you think the Bible says about video games? Is it wrong to have a tattoo? Could someone...

Bring It On-Line: Cremation

Is cremation anti-Christian? What is your thought on Christians and tattoos? Does Satan know my thoughts? Did Jesus decide...

CBN NewsWatch: June 4, 2013

On Newswatch, June 4: Military heads grilled on sex assault problem, Electronic tattoos cool tech or too much?, and more

Electronic Tattoos Cool Tech or Too Much?

Electronic Tattoos Cool Tech or Too Much?

Duck Dynasty on Tattoos

Duck Dynasty on Tattoos

Riding a Wave of Hate

Bryon was a white supremacist sinking into a life of violence and desperation. Find out how he escaped.

Bring It On: Visible Tattoos

Bring It On: Visible Tattoos

In The Green Room with Brian Welch

Tim Branson catches up with the former guitarist for Korn about performing live, his tattoos and being embraced by...

Bring It On: Tattoo Removal

What options do I have to remove tattoos? How do I reach out to a prodigal? How soon should...

In The Green Room with Rick Tramonto

The Chef talks about his tattoos, cooking for the Obamas and gives grilling tips for beginners.

Brooke Donnelly: The Choice That Changed It All

A lesbian punk rocker dabbles in witchcraft and finds that none of it repairs the broken places inside her...

Lecrae Moore: Finding a Father in God

"I wrestled with a sense of self-worth, because my dad decided drugs would be better than hanging out with...

'Inked' for Christ?

Heather Sells investigates why churches across the country are finding more and more people in their congregations have tattoos....

A Hardened Thug Comes to the Cross: The Mike Mize Story

His parents couldn't save him. Prison couldn't reform him. Mike needed a Savior.

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