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Howard Anduejol: No muerdas el anzuelo.

Howard Andruejol autor del libro “No muerdas el Anzuelo”, brinda consejos a los padres de jóvenes que consumen pornografía,...

Esteban Borghetti: Homosexualidad y juventud, consejos para adolescentes.

Tomando como marco los conceptos publicados en su libreo “Homosexualidad y juventud”, el psicólogo argentino Esteban Borghetti aconseja a...

Esteban Borghetti: Homosexualidad y juventud, consejos para padres.

Según estudios recientes, al menos 2 de cada 10 jóvenes, están necesitando ser aconsejados respecto a la afirmación de...

This Week at CBN: Bringing Electricity to a Cambodian Orphanage

Gordon Robertson shares how CBN's Orphan's Promise is changing lives in a Cambodian orphanage with a solar power system.

Where Did Jesus Teach the Lord's Prayer?

Where Did Jesus Teach the Lord's Prayer?

Christian World News: June 7, 2013

On Christian World News, June 7: Did King David and Solomon exist? Archaeologists unearth evidence, Where did Jesus teach...

Panasiuk responde tus preguntas sobre finanzas.

Nuestro experto en temas financieros, Andrés Panasiuk, responde a las preguntas que nuestros televidentes hacen a través de Facebook:...

Olga Breeskin: Vida

A continuación, Olga Breeskin, reconocida actriz, bailarina, violinista y anfitriona de TV en México, comparte valiosos consejos sobre...

700 Club Interactive: Judge Not - June 5, 2013

What exactly does Scripture say about being judgmental? Gordon Robertson teaches on the issue, answering the age-old question –...


After twenty years, new episodes of CBN’s Superbook recently premiered in the Philippines. The re-launch of the show aimed...

This Week at CBN: Forgiveness After the Boston Bombings

Gordon Robertson shares how the people of Boston are dealing with forgiveness in the months following the bombings.

David & Archaeology: The City of David

Gordon Robertson explores the ruins of the palace of King David and the wall of King Solomon in Jerusalem.

David & Archaeology

Gordon Robertson embarks on an archaeological journey to dispel rumors and myths about the real King David.

700 Club Interactive: How To Pray - May 16, 2013

Is there a right way and a wrong way to pray? Gordon Robertson teaches on how to pray.

This Week at CBN: Clean Water Outreach in the Philippines

Gordon Robertson shares about the work CBN is doing village by village to bring clean, safe drinking water to...

This Week at CBN: Keeping God's Commandments

Gordon Robertson shares the importance of keeping God's commandments as an act of love to the Father.

This Week at CBN: Award-winning Television in Latin America

Gordon Robertson highlights the praiseworthy efforts of CBN's Latin American broadcasts and particularly Club 700 Hoy host Pastor Hector Hermosillo.

This Week at CBN: Growing a Small Business in Africa

Gordon Robertson takes us to Niger where Operation Blessing helps a young widow struggling to feed and shelter her children.