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Radical Islam is on the rise in Great Britain. A recent report shows Muslim extremists have been taking over...

CA Judge Rules Teacher Tenure Unconstitutional

CA Judge Rules Teacher Tenure Unconstitutional

Get Out of Your Financial Rut!

Brian wanted to start his own business but couldn’t with $80,000 of debt. Paying bill minimums was paying off...

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Living and working in New York City might sound exciting, but when jobs don’t come, bills don’t get paid....

Bring It On-Line: Signs from God

I was watching your show and there was a gentleman that used to teach yoga. He said that he...

Jefferson Bethke: Covenant or Contract with God

Jefferson Bethke teaches on, “Covenant or Contract with God?”

Esteban Borghetti: Homosexualidad y juventud, consejos para padres.

Según estudios recientes, al menos 2 de cada 10 jóvenes, están necesitando ser aconsejados respecto a la afirmación de...

Andrés Panasiuk responde sus preguntas sobre finanzas.

Hoy Andrés Panasiuk responde sus preguntas formuladas a través de nuestra página web. Carmen Araque quiere saber alternativas de...

Lessons in Faith: Bible Club Puts God Back in School

Opportunities keep popping up for one of the world's biggest student Bible clubs in a public school. Now they're...

'Noah' Banned in Most of the Muslim World

'Noah' Banned in Most of the Muslim World

Panasiuk y la Combi Cirquera: Cómo prosperar con lo que tienes en tus manos

Siempre se ha dicho que la mejor forma de crear un negocio propio, es aprovechar lo que sabemos hacer...

Spiritual Intimacy a Marriage 'Game Changer'

This Valentine's Day when the world is emphasizing romance, Sam and Vicki Ingrassia are teaching couples how to increase...

Retired Teacher Travels US Giving Socks to Homeless

Retired Teacher Travels US Giving Socks to Homeless

The Unforgivable Sin

Gordon Robertson teaches on The Unforgivable Sin.

Teaching: The Healing Prayer

A mother gets that derided phone call…see how prayer kept the family together.

Getting the Tools to Live Her Dream

Growing up in a poor Gypsy village in the Ukraine, Kristina knew she would need a good job to...

Kids – “Cold as Ice”

When teachers in Norfolk saw young students walking to school without winter coats, they wanted to do something to...

A Message from Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson talks about his new teaching, Visions of the Night: How God Speaks in Dreams.