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Indonesia Church Flourishes amid Muslim Persecution

Radical Muslims are pressuring officials to close churches and jail pastors in Indonesia. And that's not all.

Clarkson Sings Emotional Duet with Teenage Fan

Pop star Kelly Clarkson teared up after singing a duet recently with a fan at a meet and greet...

OK Supreme Court Orders Commandments Removed

Oklahoma's Supreme Court is ordering the state to implement its ruling to tear down a Ten Commandments monument on...

Christian Advocate Arrested in China Cross Crackdown

A well-known Christian lawyer has been arrested in China, in the same region where the Chinese government has been...

Churches Protest as China Continues Cross Crackdown

Chinese officials in Zhejiang province are continuing their campaign of tearing down crosses from churches.

Chinese Gov't Destroys Church Worth Millions

The Chinese government is tearing down a multi-million dollar church, leaving the congregation high and dry.

15 Years of Pain Ended with One Prayer

When Barbara’s symptoms worsened after 15 years, her fears were erased with a prayer spoken on The 700 Club.

Military Wife's 'Brunch' Turns into Tearful Surprise

No matter how many times you've seen it before, there's nothing quite like the joyous sight of a military...

Bring It On-Line: Forgiving Others

While I was living under a cloud of alcoholism, I was unfaithful to my spouse. I am sober now...

Activists Protest China Tearing Down Crosses

Christian activists took to the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., this week to protest the forced removal of crosses...

A Mother’s Grief: Two Deaf Sons

When her second son was born deaf, Mrs. Liu collapsed on the floor in tears. She had spent all...

“Is It Too Late for Me?”

A mother of three recalls the pain and ridicule she suffered. Sadly, her parents were too poor to afford...

When the Flood Leaves Only Tears

All of their possessions were lost in the flood. Worse, they had no insurance. Marjorie and her family surveyed...

The 700 Club - November 28, 2014

Joyya faced open-heart surgery to repair a tear in her valve, but when doctors took a second look, they...

Woman Cries Tears of Joy After Miraculous Eye Healing

Following laser eye surgery, Jaye’s eyes developed chronic dryness and became painful. It was difficult for her to work,...

American WWII Veteran Tearfully Remembers War

Ralph Davis carried his Bible on many of his missions as a soldier in WWII. Though he lost many...

China Says 'No' to Hong Kong Protesters' Demands

China Says 'No' to Hong Kong Protesters' Demands

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Gov't, Call for Democracy

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Gov't, Call for Democracy