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60 Days, 62 Dead in Desperate Venezuelan Uprising

60 Days, 62 Dead in Desperate Venezuelan Uprising

“Grandma, What Are We Going to Do?”

Cathy deeply cared for her three grandsons. Their parents gave them up to foster care. Their innocent question, “What...

The 700 Club - April 27, 2017

A freak accident tears the arm off a 12-year-old. See how the power of prayer sweeps into action. Plus,...

“Even the Air Conditioner Melted!”

Their entire community in Haifa, Israel was engulfed by a raging wildfire. Nili Keren’s family was among the 70,000...

Empty Pots. Empty Stomachs.

A back injury kept Jorge’s dad from working. Jorge tried to put food on the table by raising chickens....

Tearful Christians Return to Northern Iraq, but Don't See a Future

Tearful Christians Return to Northern Iraq, but Don't See a Future

No Birthday Cake for Amila

Amila turned 4, but without cake or presents. Her mom was ashamed to tell her that there wasn’t money...

Labor Unions Paralyzing France: 'We've Been Taken Hostage'

Labor Unions Paralyzing France: 'We've Been Taken Hostage'

The Disappearing Town

Jerry and Tabitha are a hardworking American family with two children. Sadly they saw businesses in their hometown shut...

Demolition of the 'Jungle' Refugee Camps Leads to Riots

French authorities are tearing down one of the largest and roughest makeshift refugee camps in Europe.

North Korea Televises Detained American's Tearful 'Confession'

Nearly two months after his arrest, North Korea let the world see Otto Frederick Warmbier, a junior at the...

The Dirty Little Secret That's Tearing Apart Many Christian Marriages

Pornography can rip a marriage right in two.  And it's threatening an increasing number of Christian marriages, according to...

“Don’t cry mommy, God will provide!”

Natividad depended upon her old sewing machine for her livelihood. When it broke, the family’s income was gone! To...

Indonesia Closing Churches, Yet Faith Still Grows

Radical Muslims are pressuring officials to close churches and jail pastors in Indonesia. And that's not all.

Clarkson Sings Emotional Duet with Teenage Fan

Pop star Kelly Clarkson teared up after singing a duet recently with a fan at a meet and greet...

OK Supreme Court Orders Commandments Removed

Oklahoma's Supreme Court is ordering the state to implement its ruling to tear down a Ten Commandments monument on...

Christian Advocate Arrested in China Cross Crackdown

A well-known Christian lawyer has been arrested in China, in the same region where the Chinese government has been...

Churches Protest as China Continues Cross Crackdown

Chinese officials in Zhejiang province are continuing their campaign of tearing down crosses from churches.