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Serving up the Gospel in Haiti

It's been almost a year and a half since the earthquake that devastated Haiti's capital, Port au Prince. As...

Finding What Islam Never Gave

Wikwik tried to be a good Muslim. Yet, she never found God, peace, power, love or joy....

Super Power to Change Children's Lives

It's amazing to think that a car battery, a television and a set of Superbook videos could cause the...

WEB EXTRA: Michelle Duggar on Reality TV

The 700 Club goes behind the scenes with Michelle Duggar as she shares her thoughts on reality television.

The 700 Club - May 9, 2011

Kevin Cross grew up a Christian, but viewed God as an abrasive authority figure prompting Kevin to rebel and...

Tiempo para cosechar: Abril 17, 2011 # 306.

Tiempo para cosechar: Abril 17, 2011 # 306.

In The Green Room with Rick Domeier

Go behind the scenes with television host and author Rick Domeier. 700 Club Producer Wes Rickards attempts to find...

This Week in WorldReach: April 11, 2011

CBN Television programs reach more than 37 million people in India and are produced in four different Indian languages.

Pandi’s Life Changing Decision

His print business was flailing and Pandi was scared. He came across a CBN television show that introduced him...

This Week in WorldReach: February 21, 2011

A television station in Africa is now broadcasting Christian TV in Luganda, the native language of over 10 million people.

Dr. Ben Carson: The Hollywood Story

The 700 Club talks to the world-renowned neurosurgeon about his life becoming a television movie starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.

700 Club Interactive – February 3, 2011

Gordon talks about showing unconditional love and bearing the burdens for one another.

700 Club Interactive – February 2, 2011

Guest Dave Bruno, author, 'The 100 Thing Challenge,' joins Terry and Gordon to talk about the benefits of de-cluttering...

700 Club Interactive – February 1, 2011

Hosts discuss the topic of grief and how to work through loss.

700 Club Interactive – January 31 2011

Guest: Karen Zacharias joins the hosts to discuss the "prosperity gospel."

700 Club Interactive – January 28, 2011

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett

CBN Indonesia TV Program No. 1 in Time Slot

CBN Indonesia TV Program No. 1 in Time Slot

Nat'l Emergency Alert System to be Tested Wednesday

Nat'l Emergency Alert System to be Tested Wednesday