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Christian World News: November 15, 2013

This week on Christian World News: Desperation in the Philippines. Tens of thousands are without food, water or shelter,...


Torrential rains brought massive flooding to Manila, Philippines this week. The high water closed government offices, banks, schools and...


Tens of thousands gathered in the Papal Square on the eve of Pope Benedict 16th’s historic resignation. The 85-year-old...

Thousands Descend on Washington for March for Life

Thousands Descend on Washington for March for Life

News on The 700 Club: January 25, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Jan. 25: American pastor jailed in Iran may Be missing, Tens of thousands...


Tens of thousands of Christians are fleeing the Middle East because of persecution, yet this modern day Exodus is...

Obama Tours Area Hit by Disastrous Colo. Fires

Obama Tours Area Hit by Disastrous Colo. Fires

Refugees Find New Life

War and poverty are forcing tens of thousands of people to flee the Asian nation of Burma, also known...

Crying out for Korea

Tens of thousands of Koreans gathered to seek God for peace in their country and reconciliation with the North.

The Bassij, Israel’s Enemy from Iran

The world now knows the fiery rhetoric of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What is less known is the group...

When Life Doesn't Compute

Cary went from corporate executive to unemployed in the blink of an eye when his dot-com start-up company went under.

The Well Springs of Salvation

One of the ways CBN wants to bring the Gospel to the world is through simple acts of kindness....

Battling for the Soul of Turkey

Many secular Turks worry that radical Muslim groups are trying to turn Turkey into an Islamic state.

America's Coming Revival

Some 200 years ago a massive revival swept America. Today the same call is going out for America to...

Churches Celebrate an ‘Amazing Sunday’

The congregation at Light of Life Christian Center in Virginia Beach, Va. was among the tens of thousands of...

Iraqi Christians Form Militias for Protection

Iraqi Christians are forming militias to protect themselves against a campaign by Muslim extremists to drive them out of Iraq.

Fiscal Conservatives Rally, Work on Message

The largest gathering of fiscal conservatives was worked up at this year's Washington conference of Americans for Prosperity.

China's Churches Facing Leader Shortages

In China the church is growing so fast there's a shortage of pastors. And finding new ones isn't easy.