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Helping Louisiana Police In Need

In the wake of the recent flooding in Louisiana, Operation Blessing and a team of more than 200 volunteers...

700 Club Interactive - Cry for Help - September 15, 2016

A dying man’s prayer is answered through Siri on his iPhone.

From Abuse to Starvation. When Would the Misery End?

For 13 years Irma and her three children endured unimaginable abuse from her husband before fleeing his cruelty. They...

Blamed for Her Husband’s Death

Sonia had a happy life with her husband and 4 children. But that came to an end when her...

Marine’s New Assignment: Foster Dad

During his 19 years in the Marine Corps, Aarond and his wife Christina felt God’s calling to foster and...

Brody File Exclusive: Gary Johnson Won't Use Term "Illegal Immigrants," Says It's Hurtful Not Helpful

Brody File Exclusive: Gary Johnson Won't Use Term "Illegal Immigrants," Says It's Hurtful Not Helpful

Soldier Stresses Over Retirement

After 14 years and three deployments, Kent decided to retire from the Army. But financial concerns made it a...

Helping a Sinking Single Mom

Rocio’s water taxi was damaged beyond repair, leaving her without a livelihood—ferrying people up and down the Amazon river....

Turning Charcoal Into a New Life

In distant Myanmar, Yo was getting too old to operate his charcoal-making business. He knew it was time to...

So Little, So Lonely, So Far From Home

Noradin’s family fled Syria’s civil war to a refugee camp in Lebanon. But because of a deformity of his...

700 Club Interactive - September 8, 2016

A Los Angeles police officer serves the homeless and addicted on Skid Row and helps them reclaim their lives.

To Protect and Serve…The Homeless

Los Angeles Police Officer Deon Joseph goes above and beyond the call of duty to help desperate people on...

The 700 Club - September 7, 2016

A terrible car crash an no one is around to help. The amazing rescue on today’s 700 Club.

700 Club Interactive - August 31, 2016

See how you can help orphans around the world…one glass of lemonade at a time.

Waiting For Wellness Through Agonizing Shoulder Pain

After continually injuring her arm, there was nothing Kathy could do to make the pain go away. Shots and...

The 700 Club - August 26, 2016

A baby develops a hole in his heart. Discover why this couple refused to abort and how they saved...

Lemonade Stands Help Orphans Around The World

Kids wanted to help orphans with lemonade stand but didn’t earn much. They decided to challenge other kids across...

Israel Helps Transfer Gaza Animals To New Zoos

Israel Helps Transfer Gaza Animals To New Zoos