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Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 16, 2011 #332

Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 16, 2011 #332

Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 9, 2011 #331

Dante Gebel, autor y conferencista, nos habla de la importancia de ser efectivos en la vida, y nos presenta...

Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 2, 2011 #330

Andrés Panasiuk, Fundador de Cultura Financiera, nos habla de como manejarnos en momentos de transición, los cuales muchas veces...

Club700Hoy: Septiembre 25, 2011 #329

Sergio De La Mora, autor del libro "La Revolución del Corazón", nos habla de como podemos comenzar hoy...


Around the globe, religious minorities of all kinds face hardships for their beliefs. This past week the U.S. State...

The 700 Club - September 14, 2011

Pastor Jonathan Falwell shares about his experience with prayer and the Truth of following Christ, and Charity Gibson was...

Jonathan Falwell: Know the Truth of Following Christ

Pastor Falwell will talk about the power and impact of prayer, and knowing the truth of following Christ.

CBN Global Update: September 12, 2011

CBN French Africa enjoyed helping local pastors in three remote villages show Superbook Classic to their citizens using a...

Lisa Bevere: Awakening to God's Purpose

Lisa discusses how a vision in 1994 awakened her to God’s purpose for her to go from a timid...

Dedicación: Septiembre 18, 2011 #328

Dedicación: Septiembre 18, 2011 #328

Entre el amor y el odio: Septiembre 11, 2011 #327

Entre el amor y el odio: Septiembre 11, 2011 #327

El poder de orar: Septiembre 4, 2011 #326

El poder de orar: Septiembre 4, 2011 #326

Common Faith: Arab, Jewish Believers Bridge Divide

Even in the Christian community in the Middle East, there is division between Messianic and Arab believers. A small...

9-11 Memorial Museum

Honoring the lives of those who were lost on 9-11 the memorial is on eight of the 16 acres...

Camp Helps Wounded Vets Climb Past Disabilities

One group in Washington State is helping wounded warriors by showing them anything is possible in life. All they...

CBN News Reports: NC Church Offers Aid to Storm-Battered Outer Banks

Christians living in the Outer Banks have been giving thanks for God's protection from Hurricane Irene. Now they're ready...

The Flynn Effect

A look at why human intelligence has increased exponentially over the past century and how the so-called “Flynn Effect”...

700 Club Interactive – August 22, 2011

Judah Smith, the Pastor of Generation Church in Seattle, Washington, joins us to discuss the 'Jesus Is__.' Campaign.