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Knee Injury Jeopardizes Woman's Holiday Schedule

After falling off a step ladder and twisting her knee, Lynn turned to prayer to return her to her...

Desperate Prayers Yield Thanksgiving Miracle

One couple finds a reason to be thankful after doctors discover a mass in their infant daughter's brain.

Prayers and Faith Needed: Is War with North Korea on the Horizon?

Prayers and Faith Needed: Is War with North Korea on the Horizon?

Desperate to Escape Chronic Headaches

Doctors couldn't offer a fix to the neck pain that plagued Sarah for 20 years. The pain began to...

Leisurely Horseback Ride Becomes Fight for Life

A day out turned deadly when Tabitha fell from her horse and her brain began to swell. Doctors weren’t...

Hoping for the Impossible

Andrea got the call every wife dreads—her husband had been in a lethal motorcycle accident. In the midst of...

Accident Victim Facing Death Has One Request

After a horrific accident, Katie knew her life depended on one thing.

Sidelined Wrestler Finds Instant Injury Cure

For six months after sustaining a head injury, Patrick was plagued by chronic headaches. Doctors didn’t have a solution...

Sick and Tired of Dying

Donald was addicted to drugs for 34 years, and after a miraculous encounter, walked away from his addiction. Two...

Parents of Newborn Told to Prepare for the Worst

When Andrew was born, he had one lung and his heart was on the wrong side of his chest....

The Reality of Prayer in Crisis Situations

The San Bernardino shooting has sparked a debate about the reality of prayer in crisis situations.

Their Common Bond: Our Presidents' Prayers of Faith

What is the single most important common thread that unites all American presidents? Sen. Rand Paul talks about the...

The Best is Yet to Come

Author Max Lucado advocates optimism as your best days are ahead of you.

Stein: Anti-depressants Gave Me Suicidal Thoughts

Stein: Anti-depressants Gave Me Suicidal Thoughts

The 700 Club - February 28, 2012

An advertisement for a dancing job led Teresa into the sex industry. Years later, an ad for a...