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From Hundreds of Thousands in Debt to Financial Order!

All of Joe's and Rebecca’s “interest free” payments began to add up. Find out how they transformed their financial...

$55,000 in Credit Card Debt—What It Takes to Get Free

William and Sandra found it so easy to charge everything. $55,000 later they needed help—and they found it. The...

When Running From Heartbreak Turns Deadly

Amy’s heart broke when her parents divorced and she turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. A...

Unwavering Faith Sustains Trapped Hikers

An afternoon hike turns deadly when friends Don and Joseph get lost on a trail surrounded by steep canyon...

Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

Michele knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. But once she understood that God had given her...

An Amazing Financial Return on $1.25 Investment

Imagine huge medical bills, losing your job, and creditors calling regularly for money you don’t have. That was Jason...

One Relocation Away From Divorce

Constant family relocations for Tim's work made life miserable for Patti, eroding the marriage to the point of no return.

Sara Weaver: Remembering Ruby Ridge

She saw her family gunned down in the skirmish at Ruby Ridge. Today, she walks in forgiveness and the...

Susan Stafford: A Call Girl Calls on Jesus

How could this sweet young girl get mixed up in prostitution? However, she got there, God was going to...

Tommy McGouey: The Standoff

Surrounded by seven cops, a depressed Tommy McGouey had staged “the perfect suicide”. He drew his weapon fully expecting...

The Shrivers: After the Affair

On the surface, Gary and Mona had it all. They loved each other; they were active in their church....

Allen Clark: A Soldier in the Army of the Lord

Vietnam vet Allen Clark lost his legs in the war and endured years of psychiatric treatment for anxiety. Now...

Lighthouse Assembly of God: 'Backpack Buddy Club'

The children of Bowie Elementary would sometimes go through a whole weekend without food. Lighthouse Assembly stepped in to help.

Testimony: Suquana Jackson

Operation Blessing helped Suquana through their “Earn While You Learn” program, which helps at-risk moms and dads.

The Healing of Mike Johns

Mike had a very painful urinary tract infection. While he was watching the show, Pat had a word...

7C/Nashville: Real Lives/Real Stories - Rob Hull

700 Club Nashville producer Rob Hull talks about a 700 Club story that is extra special to him.

7C/Nashville: Real Lives/Real Stories - Audra Smith

700 Club Nashville producer Audra Smith talks about a 700 Club story that is extra special to her.

7C/Nashville: Real Lives/Real Stories - Jewel Graham Taylor

700 Club Nashville producer Jewel Graham Taylor talks about a 700 Club story that is extra special to her.