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What can ancient artifacts displayed in Brazil tell us about the life of Jacob and other biblical patriarchs? CBN...

From Part-Time Passion to a Job—10 Times the Income

Ryan sees his coaching business take off after trying a new strategy.

Ticking Time bomb—A Home With Bad Wiring

Leo and his grandfather, Raul, lost everything when their house caught fire from bad wiring. See how CBN...

Capturing America's Heart: A Third Awakening?

Some say America is in such a moral tailspin that without a Third Great Awakening, the land of the...

Capturing America's Heart: A Third Awakening?

Capturing America's Heart: A Third Awakening?

TIME-LIFE Kicks Off Re-Launch with Bible Commentary

TIME-LIFE Kicks Off Re-Launch with Bible Commentary

CBN Global Update: May 12, 2014

Club 700 Hoy, CBN’s 700 Club Spanish language program, has received high honors for the second time in Miami.

Bring It On-Line: Holy Spirit Manifestations

I am in a youth group in a spirit-filled church, always been taught that the Holy Spirit is a...

'Mom's Night Out' a Hilarious Break for Parents

It's a comedy celebrating the challenges and joys of parenting. Faith-based family film "Mom's Night Out" hits theaters May...

Bring It On-Line: Tithing and the Poor

Will Saints in the end times during the Millennium with glorified bodies really not be able to have children?...

Football's Tim Brown: The Making of a Man

Former college and pro football star Tim Brown visits The 700 Club to share the lessons he learned on...

The 700 Club - May 7, 2014

Former NFL star Tim Brown shares the lessons he learned on his path to becoming a man of integrity....

Healing Greets Veterans at 'Welcome Home' Doors

Though suicides among active-duty military troops dropped last year, the amount of reserve soldier suicides is still going up....

CBN Exclusive: Egypt 'Christians Expecting Death Any Time'

Egyptian government may no longer be in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the country's Christian population still...

The 700 Club - April 29, 2014

Psychologist and best-selling author Henry Cloud discusses how the best leaders set boundaries. Plus, the third time Mary’s rare...

Repeat Cancer Victim Beats the Odds

The third time Mary’s rare form of cancer returned, doctors prepared her family for the end.

Second Grader Denied Bible During Reading Time

Second Grader Denied Bible During Reading Time

The 700 Club - April 23, 2014

A life of compromise results in painful consequences for young man raised in a Christian home. Plus, Nina's migraines...