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A Child Can Be Too Tired to Learn

Peter’s poor school performance baffled the teachers at the children’s home—until they discovered that he was exhausted from doing...

Bring It On-Line: Prayers

I pray the same prayer every day, and my question is: Is it okay to pray the same prayer,...

Tom Kramer on CPAP Machines

Sleep patient Tom Kramer discusses how his CPAP machine helped treat his sleep apnea.

Husband of Sudan Woman: Family Tired but Thankful

Husband of Sudan Woman: Family Tired but Thankful

Tired of Islam, Iranians Ask ' Who Is This Jesus?'

The harsh treatment of Christians in Iran is fueling church growth. Despite the threats, one television channel is beaming...

Bring It On-Line: Absentee Husband

My husband and I have been married 23 years but he spends way too much time away from home...

Bring It On-Line: Babies in Heaven

I have heard people skip a church service every once in a while because they are too tired or...

Bring It On-Line: Daily Repentance

I have suffered from diabetes for thirty-three years and it's getting worse. I am tired of being sick. Some...


Massive protests in Thailand are growing in advance of an upcoming election. Tired of political corruption, demonstrators have been...

Blessed By a Flat Tire

Discover how God used a flat tire to bring healing to a sick baby.

Vida Dura # 382

En Vida Dura, Efrén Arce, tira su exitosa carrera bancaria, cuando decidió tomar riesgos haciéndose cómplice de negocios ilícitos.Por...

Students Speak Out Against the 'Hook-Up Culture'

Activities like Yale's "Sex Week" have become the norm on college campuses. But students are growing tired of the...

Tire Executive Denounces France's 'Crazy' Unions

Tire Executive Denounces France's 'Crazy' Unions

The Brody File B-Block: Made in America

Sick and tired of buying goods that say “Made in China”? You’re not alone. The demand for products “Made...

Bring It On: Relationship Advice

I have been dating a man for two years. He is sweet and respectful. Initially he told me that...

New FAA Rules Bar Tired Pilots from Flying

New FAA Rules Bar Tired Pilots from Flying

Better Than Boxing A Bully

Twins Vasya and Sasha were tired of bullies taunting them for being cross eyed, so Vasya took things into...

Ron Childress: Praying and Believing

This pastor seriously injured his hand while working in a tire shop. His faith in God resulted in a miracle.