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Atheist Finds the Answer to A Life of Joy

Veronica dismissed her Christian faith and tried to dismantle her family's faith until she realized she had no joy.

News on The 700 Club: March 15, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Mar 15.: Trump Shakeup Not Over Yet? The Kudlow Pick and Who Else...

700 Club Interactive - March 15, 2018

A former C-I-A agent shares her story on how she worked to take down terrorists.

Prayers In Sudden Tragedy Give Woman New Life

Julie went to sleep unaware that she would die. As doctors struggled to bring her back, her community turned...

Get Your Health on Track with Detox Week

Author and blogger Audrey Johns shares how she lost 150 pounds and keeps the weight off.

Equipping the Church to Address Mental Health

Christy Wimber discusses how the church can help those struggling with mental health issues. She also talks about the...

'She Was Literally Preparing to Take Her Life': The 'Winter Jam' Miracles that Will Remind You of God's Faithfulness

'She Was Literally Preparing to Take Her Life': The 'Winter Jam' Miracles that Will Remind You of God's Faithfulness

Stranger's Prayer Takes Woman's Pain

Roseann loves caring for her horses, but her labor of love became impossible when her shoulder started to hurt....

The 700 Club - March 5, 2018

Author Warren Marcus shares God’s prayer for you. Plus, a woman spends her life chasing distractions until she finds...

Actress Shares New Film ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Actress Madeline Carroll discusses her film ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ and how she landed the role of Shannon.

Saying Yes to Ruth

When Meadow Merrill dreamed of adoption, she never thought that would include a little girl from Uganda with cerebral...

Ready to Die, Woman Finds New Life

Addicted to alcohol and drugs, Elisa was prepared to die when she went to the hospital. After doctors saved...

'I Can Only Imagine' Actress Shares Faith

Actress Madeline Caroll shares how she landed a role in the upcoming movie, I Can Only Imagine.

Life of Distractions Gives Way to True Value

Betrayed by her own mother in the midst of abuse, Tina spent years looking for an escape from the...

Solitude Gives Wife the Strength to Forgive

Jalana felt abandoned when she discovered her husband's affair. See how she found the strength to forgive and how...

700 Club Interactive - February 26, 2018

A woman is haunted by darkness and paranormal activity, until she is delivered from demonic spirits.

George Beverly Shea on Billy Graham

George Beverly Shea on Billy Graham

Peace Amidst the Chaos of a Tough Diagnosis

Author and speaker Lore Cottone explains how she finds “peace in chaos” while raising her son diagnosed with Asperger’s,...