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The Secret to a Great Harvest—Financially!

Aaron and Sabrina couldn’t afford groceries. Then Aaron made a revolutionary financial move that caused his business to have,...

Compelled to Love a Sick Child!

Mrs. Lee knew God wanted her to adopt the weak, pitiful baby girl abandoned on her porch. But chances...

From Living on Bare Minimum to Owning a Million-Dollar Business

For someone who is living on the bare minimum, it can be difficult to imagine owning a million-dollar business....

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Finances.

Even a jack-of-all-trades like Ken suffered in the economic crash of 2008. After losing his house and hope, he...


Gospel legend Andre Crouch worked with many superstars of the music businesses, but his heart was always after God.

$55,000 in Credit Card Debt—What It Takes to Get Free

William and Sandra found it so easy to charge everything. $55,000 later they needed help—and they found it. The...

God, Fingerprints and Your Brain

God, Fingerprints and Your Brain

Bring It On-Line: Re-Baptised

My husband and I are separated. He continues to have sex with another woman. He says God forgives each...

God Sounding Alarm Through the Signs of the Times?

God Sounding Alarm Through the Signs of the Times?

Bring It On-Line: School and Bibles

How can a Christian overcome bad dreams? Hi. I am a 17 year old who is still in high...

God Sounding Alarm Through Signs of the Times?

Prominent Christian leader Bishop Harry Jackson warns God is sounding an alarm as it appears the shield of protection...

Doing the Impossible in the Name of God

After years of abuse and fear from those who should have loved and protected her, Isik had every right...

700 Club Interactive: Let Go and Let God - January 6, 2015

Thesha suffered through three miscarriages. Still, she trusted God – and gave birth to a healthy baby boy after...


The New Year is a time for Christians to dive back into God’s Word and give the days to God.


The church where artists are welcome to practice their craft, and learn to use their gifts to the glory...

Christian World News - January 2, 2015

This week on Christian World News: The town that makes taxis advertise the Word of God. Plus, a...

Grieving AirAsia Flight Families: 'God Is Bigger than This'

Grieving AirAsia Flight Families: 'God Is Bigger than This'

700 Club Interactive: Praying for the Holidays - Dec. 23, 2014

Getting through the holidays can be difficult. Hear how God can make it better.