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Uncovering the Power of an Ancient Prayer

Evangelist Warren Marcus shares the ancient secret of the prayer from the book of Numbers.

The 700 Club - March 5, 2018

Author Warren Marcus shares God’s prayer for you. Plus, a woman spends her life chasing distractions until she finds...

God's Prayer for You

Author Warren Marcus discusses the ancient secret of the only prayer in the Bible written by God Himself.

The Great Commission on Film

Danish Evangelist Toben Sondergaard leads believers around the world to preach the gospel, heal the sick and baptize and...

When the Earth Shook—Their Business Died

Roberto and Marcia ran a thriving bakery in southern Mexico. When a devastating earthquake struck their town, they escaped,...

Faith Nation 15: Marc Short

Today we’re talking tax reform with Marc Short, the director of legislative affairs for the Trump administration. Also Kirk...

Prophecy Fulfilled: N. American Jews Immigrate to Israel

Prophecy Fulfilled: N. American Jews Immigrate to Israel

The 700 Club - May 25, 2017

From the most conquered city in history, Scott Ross tours the place where the past comes alive and the...

Keeping Rhythm with B Haley

Go behind the scenes with B Haley, drummer for Toby Mac.

Un Vistazo Detrás de las Cámaras de la película Ben-Hur

El Pastor Samuel Rodríguez nos presenta un segmento exclusivo detrás de las cámaras en la nueva película de los...

Ben-Hur: A Tale of Forgiveness is excited to share this exclusive video with you from Paramount Pictures' remake of Ben-Hur, starring Jack Huston,...

Military Family’s Pre-Deployment Surprise!

Before Marcus left for a 9-month deployment, he decided to send his wife Osha and their three children to...