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Poverty Stricken Mother Can't Provide Food or Shelter for Children

Operation Blessing provides a widowed mother in Peru with a new home and the tools to start a business.

Stephen Schimmel: Sharing Faith Beyond the Grave

Stephen and Rosalba Schimmel share how the Holy Spirit led Stephen to utilize his parents' gravestones as witnessing tools...

Bethlehem Woodworker Struggles to Carve Out a Life for His Family

A skilled craftsmen, Michelle can do amazing things with a block of wood, but raw materials are expensive and...


CBN Reporter, Dan Reany experiences what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a Nigerian family by...

Bring It On-Line: Church Required for Heaven?

What is a tool I can use to always believe in God? I'm saved, I have three sisters, and...

American Reporter Spends 36 Hours Living with Rural Nigerian Family

One family in Africa gets an unexpected house guest from America. How he repays their kindness shocks everyone.

Kenyan Widow Gives Thanks

Maasai women gratefully receive the tools for a better life: clean water, a vegetable garden, and a new school...

Making Dreams Come True

As an orphan, Anie was excitedby the chance to intern at a local woodworking shop. But long hours hauling...

Getting the Tools to Live Her Dream

Growing up in a poor Gypsy village in the Ukraine, Kristina knew she would need a good job to...

Knock Out That $30,000 Debt

If the “good life” is owning a beach house in California, Mike and Vivi Anderson are living it. Before...

No Tools Means No Work

When someone stole Jose’s set of tools, the hardworking father lost his job and was unable to provide food...

News on The 700 Club: August 5, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" Aug. 5: US embassies may remain closed till end of week, Other gov't...

Other Gov't Agencies Seek Access to NSA Spy Tools

Other Gov't Agencies Seek Access to NSA Spy Tools

Program Donates Computers to Help Nab Predators

Program Donates Computers to Help Nab Predators

Operation Blessing Continues Work in Philippines

Operation Blessing Continues Work in Philippines

Inside Net Casters: An Interview with Craig von Buseck

See the extended CBN News interview with the author on using the Web as an evangelism tool.

Internet Tools Cast Wide Net for Evangelism

Many churches and ministries are using technology to spread the Gospel. CBN News talks with "Net Casters" author Craig...

Saving Haiti One Village at a Time

In Haiti, two brothers are changing the lives of thousands living in poverty and give them the tools they...