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Studio 5: Making Music

We’re sitting down with music makers Travis Greene, The Newsboys and Bethel Music’s Cory Asbury. And Jekalyn Carr stops...

Grammy Nomination Caps Abundant Blessings for Pastor Travis Green as His Church Booms Too

Grammy Nomination Caps Abundant Blessings for Pastor Travis Green as His Church Booms Too

Wounded Veteran Shares His Passion for Life

Travis lost all four limbs to an IED, but he decided to make the best of life. Determined to...

The 700 Club - February 18, 2015

Travis grew up in an abusive home and got into trouble as a teen, but an arrest would change...

Caught Before It’s Too Late

Travis never knew his father and spent his childhood under the influence of his mother’s abusive and alcoholic boyfriend....

The 700 Club - August 6, 2013

A lifestyle of hiding pain with drugs and alcohol comes to an end after Janice attends a Bible study....

The 700 Club - July 17, 2012

Vietnam veteran Mike Wheatley suffered the pain of a nation that rejected his patriotism thrusting him into a life...

Paging Dr. Travis Stork

Dr. Travis Stork from the syndicated talk show,The Doctors, shares his passion for helping those who are in the...

Pastor Travis Hovde

Pastor Travis Hovde



Spiritual Gifts - Travis Thigpen

Spiritual Gifts - Travis Thigpen

Dr. Travis Stork: The Lean Belly Prescription

The host of the Emmy-winning talk show The Doctors wrote a new RX for patients everywhere: the lean belly prescription.

Dr. Travis Stork and The Lean Belly Prescription: The Extended Interview

Get more tips for a flatter stomach.

The 700 Club: December 22, 2010

Dr. Travis Stork shares how to get a lean belly. A community brings Christmas joy to a little girl....

Dr. Travis Stork: The Doctor Is In

Dr. Travis Stork of The Bachelor and The Doctors talks about his new book, The Doctor Is In: A...

The 700 Club: July 28, 2010

Dr. Travis Stork talks about achieving wellness. A man experiences a near-death experience that changes his life. CBN News...

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