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Politics Aside: Docs Treat Gaza, Israeli Patients

At one hospital near the Israeli / Palestinian border, doctors treat patients regardless of nationality.

Reversing Regret: Procedure Stops Abortion in Progress

Andrea Minichini immediately regretted making a life-altering decision to abort her baby. But one doctor helped her reverse the...

Netanyahu Takes Majority to Form Next Government

Netanyahu now has a 67 seats, more than the 61 seats needed to form a majority in the Knesset (parliament).

Christian World News - January 30, 2015

This week on Christian World News: A political leader switches gears and calls for spiritual revival, a doctor who...

Surviving a 25-Foot Fall

Alcides was cutting a tree when he had a bone-shattering fall. He was more worried about providing for his...

Would Jerry Lose His Leg?

After a truck ran over Jerry’s foot, the painful injury and infection grew steadily worse. Without doctors or nurses...

Decorating Delicious Christmas Treats

Entertaining expert Kimberly Whitman shows how to decorate Christmas cookies, and how you can have the 2014 “Southern Living”...

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home for Christmas

Entertaining expert Camille Styles will demonstrate easy to make treats and share tips on how you can decorate your...

Infertile Couple Face Cancer in the Midst of Miraculous Pregnancy

She lost a baby, struggled through years of infertility and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Still, she knew God...

Avoid a Devastating Accident: Burn Prevention Tips

One of the most devastating types of injuries is a burn. Find out how you can help prevent an...

Dr. Bruce Cairns on UNC Burn Centers in Malawi, Burn Treatment and Prevention

Dr. Bruce Cairns on UNC Burn Centers in Malawi, Burn Treatment and Prevention

The 'Stranger' Among Us: Church Tackles Immigration

Churches at the frontlines of the illegal immigration debate are finding that the answer to the age-old question of...

700 Club Interactive: Impossible to Possible - October 14, 2014

Jacob had stage four cancer – and five years to live. Today – he’s alive and cancer-free... even...

Life-Saving Chlorine Helping Liberians Stay Alive

Life-Saving Chlorine Helping Liberians Stay Alive

The 700 Club - October 7, 2014

Sugary treats seem like a good idea when you're choosing them, but they may be inviting a cold or...

Panic, Fear in Ebola-Plagued Liberia Is Tangible

Panic, Fear in Ebola-Plagued Liberia Is Tangible

Tom Kramer on CPAP Machines

Sleep patient Tom Kramer discusses how his CPAP machine helped treat his sleep apnea.

A Toddler’s Cancer Diagnosis Tests Family’s Resolve

Little Emma was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately began treatment. Her parents Shayne and Carrie knew they faced a...