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700 Club Interactive - Growing Up Wild - July 29, 2016

Four sons of missionaries, the Wild brothers, discuss growing up in Indonesia with a Southeast Asian tribal people.

Adventures in Creation with The Wild Brothers

What happens when four young missionary brothers grow up amongst a Southeast Asian tribal people? Hear about the adventures...

The Wild Brothers: Adventures In Creation

Four young missionary brothers describe life with a Southeast Asian tribal group.

Will the Twins Go Blind?

As 7-year-old twin daughters slowly lose their sight to cataracts, their parents resort to tribal remedies—like rubbing live fish...

Netanyahu: ISIS Attack in Egypt Knocks on Israel’s Door – July 3, 2015

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: ISIS attack in Egypt knocks on Israel’s door; and prophecy fulfilled from the birth...

'Catch a Jew' Reveals Surprising 'Tribe' Fueling Hate

When it comes to Middle East peace, the world often asks what prevents Israelis and Palestinians from making it...

CBN Global Update: January 26, 2015

CBN just created the first Superbook episode with the tribal language of the Karreni people in Myanmar. CBN will...

Party Time! Remote Tribe Gets Bible in Their Language

What happens when a remote tribal group receives God's word in their own language for the very first time?


A tribe in Indonesia celebrated the arrival of the first Scriptures in its language with a huge party.

Jerusalem Dateline: Should Jews Be Allowed to Pray on the Temple Mount? Nov. 14

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: violence strikes the heart of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria; Iran threatens Israel’s...

CBN NewsWatch: January 10. 2014

On CBN Newswatch, Jan. 10: Republicans: White House out to lunch on Iraq, Lost tribes of Israel: Indian families...

News on The 700 Club: Jan. 10, 2014

As seen on "The 700 Club" Jan. 10: How to protect yourself from the flu outbreak; Lost tribes of...

Lost Tribes of Israel: Indian Families Make Aliya

Lost Tribes of Israel: Indian Families Make Aliya

Tribal Colombians Tortured for Abandoning Spiritism

Tribal Colombians Tortured for Abandoning Spiritism

Bethel and Maybelle Rescued From Infant Sacrifice

It's hard to believe a place where twins are considered a curse, but these twin sisters were saved from...

700 Club Interactive: Dangerous Living - Oct. 23, 2013

"Unusual Soldier" and extreme missionary Caleb Bislow shares about the dangerous ventures that have taken him to the hunted...

'Gospel Tribe' Brings Light to the 'Devil's' Island

'Gospel Tribe' Brings Light to the 'Devil's' Island


In the arid Chaco region of Western Paraguay, indigenous tribes eke out a living raising livestock and cultivating small...