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Hoops Diplomacy: Scoring Hearts and Minds in Europe

Reaching people with the gospel while improving diplomatic relations between two countries can be tough. But throw in a...

Koreas Talk as North Positions Troops for War

North and South Korean leaders are meeting to try and diffuse rising tensions between the two countries.

Kenyan Pastors to Obama: Don't Bring 'The Gay Talk' Here

While some hope the President Obama's trip to Kenya will bring closer ties between our two countries, there's one...

New Horizons for Cuba Churches Ahead

The thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations is just weeks old and more questions than answers remain about how the two...


Government officials from the United States and China had hoped to increase economic and cultural ties between the two...

India Looks to U.S. as Role Model

India and the United States may be separated by half the globe, but the two countries are closer than...

Virginia Welcomes Her Royal Majesty

The queen and her husband’s first stop was in Virginia's capital city of Richmond, where thousands showed up to...

Investigations Continue in Mumbai Attacks

Security forces had been scouring the Taj Mahal hotel for booby traps and bodies.

Christian World News: August 14, 2009

Watch Christian World News with George Thomas and Wendy Griffith. Top Stories: young missionaries ministering in Mexico, Christians released...

Latin America Turns to the Left

CBN News reporter, Dale Hurd, explains what Latin America's left turn means for the USA.

Enemies Build Bridges - One Heart at a Time

An Israeli organization is building bridges between two countries - one heart at a time.

Obama: U.S., Russia Not Destined to be Adversaries

Obama: U.S., Russia Not Destined to be Adversaries

U.S.: China Needed for Economic Recovery

U.S.: China Needed for Economic Recovery