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Flooding, Mudslides Slam Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest was slammed by heavy rains, causing flash floods, mudslides, and severe road damage in some parts...

Deadly Twister Devastates Tiny Illinois Town

A massive tornado nearly leveled a small town in northern Illinois killing two people.

Saved at a Rave

A young disc jockey searches for answers after two people close to him die. One night while DJ’ing...

700 Club Interactive: Freedom in Forgiveness - August 18, 2014

What would you do if you woke up and realized that you had killed two people? That happened...

700 Club Interactive: Change the World - April 9, 2014

Can one person make a difference? See how two people are helping to change the world.

The Brody File - War of Words - September 19, 2013

The GOP is squabbling about how best to win future elections. This week The Brody File has interviews with...

Weather Drama: Fire, Floods Plague Colorado, Texas

Weather Drama: Fire, Floods Plague Colorado, Texas

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Two People, One God and Hope for a Lost City

Statistics show that Camden, N.J is more violent than the infamous Chicago. Still, some longtime residents say their struggling...

God's Blueprint for Success

A bad real estate deal left Richard and Sue Yubeta in financial ruin until they learned God's secret to success.

Creating Destiny in St. Louis

Jesus calls us all to the Great Commission, but one church in St. Louis is living it.

Escaping Tower One: Leslie Haskin's Story

Leslie Haskin shares her terrifying journey out of Tower One of the World Trade Center on 9/11, her subsequent...

Gibson Says He is Not Anti-Semitic

Mel Gibson apologizes for making anti-semitic remarks to the officer who arrested him for drunk driving.

Move Over YouTube…

CBN News journeyed to the headquarters of in Plano, Texas to take a look at what makes the...

Christianity's Greatest Menace

Christians around the world suffer daily because of their faith, and it seems the persecution is intensifying. Pat Robertson...

How Obama Got the Dems Vote

This piece takes a look at how the political “magic” happens and how Barack Obama’s team has beaten the...

Hamas' Haven for Terror

Supporters hoped Hamas would root out corruption. But the reality is that life there is more brutal than many...

Two More Arrested in Slaying of Fla. Couple

Two More Arrested in Slaying of Fla. Couple