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A Hungry Princess

Four-year-old Princess was always hungry, but she never was able to fill her tummy with nourishing food. Her grandparents...

Calming a Child’s Fears

Daemiel’s family lost everything in a Typhoon, and he lived in constant fear that he would one day be...

Living in Fear of a Flood

Rene was raising his two children in the worst possible location. Their house was built on stilts on a...

The Storm Stole Their Food and Home

Six-year-old Mary Joy was getting weaker and weaker. Why? Because her poor mom could only scrounge yams to eat...

Brothers Against Life’s Storms

Eduardo and his brothers were left on their own when their parents abandoned them. Jobs were scarce, and to...

CBN Global Update: November 30, 2015

CBN is helping provide safe, secure homes for Filipinos still struggling after Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the nation in 2013.

Philippines Still Reeling from Typhoon Koppu

The Philippines is still reeling four days after Typhoon Koppu slammed the island nation.

Tropical Storm Punches Philippines Again after Deadly Lando

Tropical storms are giving the Philippines a one-two punch after being hit hard by Typhoon Lando.  

Lando Floods Philippines in 'Slow Motion Disaster'

Thousands of people in the Philippines are still facing days of severe rains after Typhoon Lando hit that country...

Too Many Tragedies

Romnick was only six when his mother died and he and his brother went to live with their grandparents....

Storm Leaves Lasting Scars

A deadly typhoon in the Philippines left 5-year-old Armel without food for five days. His house was gone, and...

When Life is Blown Away

When a category-5 typhoon hit their village, 11-year old Mylene and her family lost their home, their livelihood, their...

Sisters Brave Deadly Storm

Jennalyn and Janice prayed as howling winds ripped the roof from the church where they sought shelter. Their livelihood...

When Your Home Is Washed Away

Eight-year-old Jenny and her family lost everything but a single hammock when Typhoon Haiyan struck their village. Your kindness...

Waves engulf our whole village!

A typhoon destroyed Monique’s home, village, and every source of clean water. Without water and shelter, they would not...

Tropical Storm Jangmi Kills Dozens in Phillipines

Tropical Storm Jangmi Kills Dozens in Phillipines

Philippines Labors to Recover in Time for Christmas

Philippines Labors to Recover in Time for Christmas

Philippine Typhoon Weakens to Tropical Storm

Philippine Typhoon Weakens to Tropical Storm