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Alyona Can Hear

She was an outcast in her native Ukraine for her disability. Orphan's Promise provided her with the means for...

Food for a Lifetime: Ukraine SEED Project

Orphan's Promise helps a Gypsy community become self-sustaining by starting the SEED.

The Choice to Freeze or Choke

Floare knew his family would not make it through the harsh Ukrainian winter without heat in their home. Discover...

A Bullied Boy Finds His Smile

Arman dreaded going to school where his cleft lip made him an easy target for bullies, but his parents...

Adoption Surge in Ukraine

A woman fights the cultural views of adoption to give a needy child a forever family.

Yuri's Warm Home

A grandfather caring for 4 young children alone learns how to protect his family from the cold.

Berdyansk House

This is the house that love built. A run down shell of a building was purchased by OP in...

This Week at CBN: Freedom from Pornography in the Ukraine

Gordon Robertson shares about efforts in the Ukraine to help people suffering from addiction to internet pornography.

CBN Global Update: July 22, 2013

CBN Ukraine has launched a website to help people free themselves from pornography addiction.

Washing Away Her Pain

Living in an impoverished Gypsy family, five-month-old Kristina was in constant pain from a severe skin disorder. Learn how...

God - Help My Son Walk!

Mariyka looked at her son’s Vasya’s club foot and wondered if he would ever be able to walk. Mariyka...

Praying for a Winter Miracle

Ivanka and 10 members of her family shiver in a two-room house in the Ukraine, their home without heat...

Spirit of Adoption Sweeps across Ukraine

A powerful movement is sweeping through Ukraine. Thousands of Christians are coming together to care for the fatherless.


They are unknown, unwanted and unloved. Millions of orphan children worldwide live without parental care. Now churches, Christian organizations...

Ruslan’s Tent House

For 7-year old Ruslan, staying warm in a “tent” in the winter in Ukraine is a high priority. Living...

When Hope and Money Run Out

After three expensive yet unsuccessful surgeries for a severe ear infection, seven-year-old Angelina was in more pain than ever...

Toxic Warmth

With their cookstove as their only source of heat, 13-year-old Vladik and his mother desperately tried to stay warm....

I Don't Want These Eyes

Tormented by her classmates’ cruel taunts, Anya cried out to God for help. See how God answered her prayer.