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Operación Bendición fomenta Micro-empresas.

Alcides trabajaba como jornalero, hasta que un día cayó de un arbol muy alto y casi muere. No pudo...

Club 700 Hoy: Enero 11, 2015 #495

La cantante María del Sol explica la diferencia entre ser una mujer madura soltera y la soledad.

Merari y sus ricos tamales

En El Salvador, Merari ganaba 6 dólares por día lavando ropa, pero no le alcanzaba para mantener a su...

Los pollitos de Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos e Isabel, en Costa Rica, trabajaban duro para salir adelante. Un día decidieron pedir un préstamo para...

Obamacare Blamed for Drop in Venture Capital Funding

Obamacare Blamed for Drop in Venture Capital Funding

La Empresa de Alma Suyapa.

Una bala perdida fue la causa de la muerte de Ondina, una madre soltera, quien dejó dos niños huérfanos...

Saudi Muslims Venting Radical Beliefs on Facebook

Saudi Muslims Venting Radical Beliefs on Facebook

El Negocio de Plásticos de Rubén

El Negocio de Plásticos de Rubén

Starbucks Starts New Juice Venture

Starbucks Starts New Juice Venture

The 700 Club: June 18, 2010

Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy talks about his new venture to connect dads and their kids. A father and...

Jason Illian: The Naked Truth about Dating

Single ladies, if you think men don't have a clue, meet Jason Illian. This former contestent on The Bachelorette...

Aurelio Baretto III: The Millionaire Blues

He was the businessman who had it all. Aurelio Baretto visits The 700 Club to share how one simple...

Bring It On -- Working Out

Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer the following question: It seems like this practice is dangerous. Is it...

Bring It On: Am I a Workaholic?

Pat Robertson answer the following Bring It On question: How do I pay down debt as a stay-at-home mom?...

Do You Need a Creative Idea for Your Business?

Manuel was facing the loss of a second business venture. That's when he took a step of faith that...

Bring It On: Venting Marital Frustrations

My husband is asking for a divorce, and I have been venting my frustrations to friends. Is that OK?

NC, VA Battle Swamp Fire

It's not as widespread, but firefighters on the East Coast are battling another kind of wildfire.

'Eat This Not That' Goes Out to Eat

Matt Goulding, co-author of Eat This, Not That tackles restaurants and how they are making us fat.

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